Maeda Atsuko scandal broadcast WorldWide! and 2 more about Maeda was dumped by Sato

  September 15, 2012

This news show is aired in Kansai! Look! TV directors in Kansai have no mercy to report this scandal in a strait forward way!!

“As I’m picturing that Maeda Atsuko-san and Oshima Yuko-san were here, I have no words to utter….”

 “Acchan…. Please don’t let people let you down…”

They clearly sated that it was Gokon (Group Dating) not Graduation celebrating party LOL
Their portrait of Nakagawa Haruka is also well-drawn!!

“Seyanen”?? It’s only aired very limited area… So it may have little influence?

But many of old ladies in Kansai love to watch the show!!
Come on, now they completely have an impression that AKB48 is an immoral group!

“Seyanen” is the most powerful TV show in Kansai!!
It’s enormously popular among old ladies!!
By the way, Masa (a cast in the show, comedian at Yoshimoto agency, A huge fan of Watanabe Miyuki) just said “The Karaoke room has a bath, and Beds, so it naturally has tons of tissue papers LOL”
He is determined to slam the AKB members who caused trouble for his sweet Milky~~!!

The reporter of the TV show went to the Karaoke Store for the investigation at the scene… and…. THIS REPORTER IS ACCHAN OSHI!!!

 “Kojima Haruna at AKB cafe….!?”

“Kojima Haruna made a surprise appearance in AKB cafe at Akihabara!!!”

“Suzuki announcer gets so excited as he heard Kojima Haruna is at AKB48 cafe!!!”

He conducts an interview to you guys at Akihabara~

 “Personally I think Acchan can enjoy a love romance.”

“Because she made a decision to graduate AKKB48 (it’s no problem).”

 “Because she has been dubbed as No.1 idol, I’m shocked to see her in such a shabby appearance.”

They reported that Bunshun had been on the look out for Atsuko’s scandal for one and a half month!!

I hate how Kansai people are rude…
Even their faces are rude…

↑Because the reporter is Acchan-Oshi, they were very soft to her in the latter part of the program.

Give me the image where 6 of them are holding Gokon party~

LOL Tequila on the center of the table~

Acchan at the event commemorating the release of the phobook “Acchan”, and at the night…

 3 on 3, Gokon Karaoke party~

 Crying Yuko and Atsuko

 Sato, carrying Atsuko

And the newspaper articles says “The Place where they held Gokon Party was Outstanding(ly similar to Love hotel)”

Don’t get too mad at the TV program… This program was completely for AKB48 when they reported Acchan’s graduation. They are fair.




She made world debut a little bit faster than planned (it was supposed to be the Movie 1905)

Finally, Japan’s shame has been reported worldwide….

It’s more like Shunkan Bunshun has proved that they are world-class tabloid magazine…



During the broadcasting of Hokkaido U-gata TV…

I think I’ve already known this… lol

If the reason why Acchan graduate AKB48 is to become a girlfriend of Sato Takeru, then it’s so pathetic of her….

Other source reported this.

Maeda Atsuko has been in one-way love with Sato Takeru. As she graduated AKB48 and Love Ban Law has been lifted, ドラマ共演から佐藤建に片思いになった前敦がAKB卒業で恋愛解禁になったので、
Maeda Atsuko tried to confess her love  to him as Sato has been rumored his relationship with many hot actresses like Ishihara Satomi or Takei Emi. 石原さとみなどと多数の噂があり焦った前敦が告白しようとしたらしい。
In order to make a favorable situation to confess her love to him, Oshima planned Maeda Atsuko’s graduation celebrating party and invited close friends of Maeda and Sato. 告白しやすいように卒業パーテイーという形をとり仲の良い友達をそれぞれ集めて今回の環境を作った。
(Because Ota production was only told that it’s a graduation celebrating party for Maeda Atsuko with her  close friends and co-stars in the past Drama she joined, the agency prepared a car for her. 太田プロはドラマの共演者や仲の良い友人と卒業パーテイー聞いていたので前敦はその場所には事務所の前敦の専用車で乗り付けている)
But after all, Maeda’s romance couldn’t come to a head, and refused by Sato. As you imagine, because Maeda couldn’t give up Sato easily, she went fanatic and cried like hell. しかし、結果は前敦の恋は実らず、佐藤建に振られてあきらめきらず取り乱し号泣したらしい。

Which means Oshima Yuko set this Gokon party for Maeda Atsuko….!!!

↑x2 Man…. This sounds so plausible…. It’s natural that everyone think this way when they saw photos by Bunshun…

I would rather respect her if she really thought she can win Sato Takeru over Ishihara Satomi

I don’t know about what truth is, but she is not different from AKB Ota to spend money, and go to Handshake events with a slight hope that they might have an actual relationship with members….

Even me, Maeda Ota, would choose Ishihara Satomi if I were given a choice to select either of Maeda or Ishihara Satomi….

But Bunshun reported that Maeda had been worried as Sato approached to her around 2 years ago…

Why she is still mentally unstable?

What has she learned from AKB48 LOL