Matsui Rena meets Nogizaka's beleaguered Ace Ikoma Rina and 2 more

  September 23, 2012

This is a dream like encounter!

Ikoma “I’m Rina”
Rena: “So your name is also Rena.”
Ikoma “What?”
Rena: “What?”

Please looking forward to R-na.

>she briskly moved her arms while she was talking

LOL I can picture this so vividly!!
She talks the same way as Nodame!

I don’t think I’m the only one who thought this Magi is Magi-system from Evangelion….

First of all, I’m surprised that they did Kageana for each other’s event. Does this kind of thing happen often???

Say, Mayuzaka or Sashiko, I think there’re some Nogizaka Ota who hate it when members of Nogizaka are friendly to members of other idol groups.
But for me, I’m really happy with this meeting because I’m a fan of both girls.

Yuasa Hiroshi 11:06am

10th Single Handshake event in Nagoya!

Ikoma-san, Shiraishi-san and Sakurai-san from Nogizaka made surprise appearances as Kageana!!


Where is Shiraishi-san!!!

(゜┏┓゜)<Because it would be shameful if I would make mistakes in Kanji, let’s write their names in Hiragana!!!

I’m so relieved to see Yuasa is so incompetent as always!

Ikoma-chan is soooo cute!!

Maybe this is a prologue of the next battle between SKE vs Nogizaka…..

Why didn’t Rena look for someone who likes Melonpan and invite her to Melonpan Domei (Melonpan alliance)

1, 2


Churi! Come on! Now it’s your time to butt into them!!

She was filled with the aura “Please! Someone please react to me!!”

Jurina’s eyes in the 3rd photo LOL

How did Ogiso-chan’s face look like in this scene ??? LOL

Yagami looks sooooo bored.

As always, Suda is smiling.

So Kitahara’s concurrency has already started?

Even Yakata had a little twitched face LOL

She was smiling in the video, but in the photo… I LOL’ed.

I think other members felt irritated by Rola and comedians and not by Churi

I watched the recorded video again, and I’m convinced that Rola is the nemesis of idols.

SKE members really tried their best, but were completely owned by Rola….

Is this churi:camera?

Churi’s photography was better than the comedian.

It’s sooooo cute that she wasn’t scolded by anyone even though she photographed them without asking… It made my day….

I feel awkward when a comedian had completely ignored her hilarious action…..

Me too. I thought, come on, if you’re a comedian why don’t you react to her and say something funny…

SKE is too calm and well-mannered.
If it was AKB, I would be surprised if they aren’t as aggressive as or more aggressive than this.

Members faces behind Churi LOL

Please listen to Churi’s talk with more tender faces…..

In the 1st and 2nd photo… Finally Manatsu has become tired of Churi’s talk…

↑Probably it’s because Manatsu has heard Churi’s talk about photography countless of times…

Manatsu: “Churi! Ganbatte! (smile)”

Furukawa pro: “Tori…. LOL.”

Suga Nanako: “This guy…. Nannan?” (Who in the world is this guy?)

Ohya: “Tonight’s dinner is Yakitori LOL”

I think everyone can easily expect what will be inside Hata: “”.

Hata: “Shinebaiinoni!!” (Why don’t you Die~~~~.)

Even her last BOKE (gag), “I will carry a reflector board with me from now!” was elegantly ignored LOL

I won’t say there’s no possibility that it was not Boke but she was just seriously speaking.

I think her true value was displayed when she was ignored that moment.

After all, this daring and a bit oddball character is what everyone loves about her.