Sashihara Rino livens up the movie premiere of her starring movie Muse no Kagami My Pretty Doll

  September 30, 2012


  1. Mario Medves says:

    “My acting is very bad. I would like everyone to see how bad my acting is.”
    Are you kidding? XD

  2. Sora San says:

    Love the way she applys her self abuse jokes. Really makes the audiences more lively….. If only Singapore stars can do that. In Japan, comedians / variety host embarrassed themselves and yet are respected . But in Singapore …. haiz …. total image …… making Singapore TV really boring in terms of jokes and the ability to glue the audience to the TV.

  3. Bosun says:

    A better description would be self-depreciating. “Self-abuse” sounds too serious. LOL.

  4. Natskie Chan says:

    lol as expected of my oshimen

  5. bang2tang says:

    do you mean “stiff” instead of “stable”