HKT48 Miyawaki Sakura as Center in Special Issue of Playboy MAG which exclusively features members of the 48 family!

  October 20, 2012

So these are the next generation members…..!!

I think the girl at the center looks very adorable.

Maybe it’s because of her height?

It’s actually a great leap for Sakuratan that she got Center position when Jurina and Mayuyu are included in these members.

↑Excatly my thought.

I don’t get why Paruru and Kawaei are at the both edges of the photo…

I think majority of AKB48 fans are actually against the Generation Change….?
Though they want to promote these members by hyping them as Next Generation,
I have an impression that management just wants to make them popular….

I can’t feel any exhilaration from these photos…… I feel so sorry for Mayuyu and Jurina…

↑I have to ask why the person who won 2nd place in the election is still “Next generation’s” ace…
If she is a new ace, they should have chosen her as the Center of 28th Single,
Yet they are still trying to suggest that she is a strong candidate for next ace….
I have had a hard time interpreting the intention of management….

I want them to have a courage to push these unknown members to front, not relying on Jurina and Mayuyu….

What is this feeling of disappointment…
I understand it’s because what we sense from this photo is management intention but it doesn’t reflect their real popularity at all….
If they made Mayuyu Center in this photo, and added top 2 from NMB48, removing extra members, the photo would have more florid.

Unknowingly Mayuyu is kicking new ace of team A, Kawaei Rina….

Why are there no NMB48 members!?

Or better yet, paint them as U-19 Senbatsu. In that case, it is acceptable…

The mystery of 7gen members who are younger than Mayuyu (3gen) aren’t considered Next Generation….

Up until last year, Lovetan had been considered one of Next generation members and promoted along with 7gen members….

I think it’s because 7gen members have too good body shapes.
When they stand at center, it would make the rest of members look pale just like Mariko-sama.
※7gen (Joined AKB48 in December of 2012):
Iwasa Misaki, Kikuchi Ayaka (Former 3gen), Komori Mika, Sato Sumire, Suzuki Shihori, Suzuki Mariya, Maeda Ami, Matsui Sakiko

You’d better include Suga, Furuhata and Yabishita.

No NMB…… The member who was supposed to be here…. already graduated the group…

Somehow it looks similar to single artwork of “Manatsu no Sounds Good!”.

OUT: Milky, Karen
IN: Kawaei, Miyawaki

If they include one more member to this photo, I daresay it will definitely be Kizaki Yuria.

Sakuratan is a great talent as many of staffs already said, but I can confidently say AkiP’s favorite, Tashima Meru will soon enjoy a fierce promotion….

I truly feel sorry for Mayuyu.
I think she would rather be with Yukirin or Sashiko, a position that has nothing to do with Center… than mixed with these members…

I’m surprised by the fact Milky isn’t included in this photo.
After all, Milky is just an extra for Jurina’s concurrency?

↑I think she was more like a scapegoat rather than extra…

↑As for NMB48 Ota, I regard it as a lucky event. By pushing Milky, NMB48 has returned to the top 2 system instead of their previous state where Sayanee’s popularity and charisma was standing out too much from the rest。

What this photo is lacking is Milky, Sayanee and Yuria.