Holy cow! Shinoda Mariko and Kashiwagi Yuki look so erotic!!

  October 1, 2012

What do you think?
Regarding the girl in the left…. I'm so sorry m(__)m

Shinoda looks like she has become younger by 3 years…

This reminded me the moment when I gazed at each other wit

h Yukirin during the song performance of “Yokaze no Shiwaza” in the Christmas Stage 2 years ago, where I was in the front row…

Becasue I have a leg fetish, this MV is the best thing ever!!

This MV is like Kashiwagi with etc.
She looks by far the most alluring.

Yukirin's thighs were so sexy in the last performance at Hey!x3
Her dancing has been getting so erotic lately

I'm just jealous of staffs…

If the 4th release from team Surprise was Kojiharu, Yukirin and Mariko, the it would be the most awesome and sexiest song ever???

↑Everyone says the same thing, but I think this obviously delibarate selection of Sae is what makes this single captivating!

If only French Kiss perform this song and MV….

Mariko looks better with long hair.

I love Mariko with long hair too,
but probably because she is too busy to spare enough time to maintain long hair beautiful.

I found that Sae wan't given much of appearance in the commercial…

↑I didn't notice that, but yes, it looks so intentional…

Making footage is also Must Watch as it contains a rare cut from angles that fans can rarely have chances to see.




  1. Rizky Iskandar says:

    lol,poor Sae~
    but I must admit that Yukirin and Mariko looked so stunning in this outfit

  2. hipster admin, comparating member and shit
    Sae, Yukirin, Maririn <3

  3. Un says:

    I wish they could add haruna~
    Yukirin is such a killer~
    I sense her sexiness since those chocolate perf back then~
    I can only wow wow wow here!
    Hahaha 😉

  4. Who cares my name~ says:

    I’m a bit annoyed that Sae doesnt include in the title, since I think she’s so different and looks so erotic =3=, because she usually has boyish style and she’s look awesome like the other members here! <3

  5. iron denim says:

    replace sae with kojiharu. should be perfect

  6. NN says:

    somehow i got annoyed when i read comment like this if sae replace with xxx it will be better
    in my opinion I don’t see something wrong with Sae in this mv, she does well as the others I
    think we are used to Sae being tomboyish and thats why is awkward for
    us to see her doing sexy but because sae sing a song like this it’s became surprise for us

    • Gina Aghnia says:

      Yeah.. it irked me a bit reading those comment about Sae. But then, some part I agree with it. Doesn’t mean that Sae is not suitable there, but I wish she had a different hairstyle there, a long one or a wavy bob hair. She would look even more stunning with it. (i personally don’t like her hairstyle in the mv ^^;;)

  7. mario says:

    wtf stop dissing sae!

  8. moofuq says:

    I don’t get this. AKB members can look so sexy but not in sluty way. I loooove them!!
    Yukirin totally own this MV. 🙂