AKB48 4th Album contains Shinoda Mariko’s first solo number

  July 11, 2012

Akimoto Yasushi
I listened to rough Mix of Shinoda Mariko’s solo number for the upcoming new album. It’s cool!! Mariko’s singing, it’s nice.


You mean Nakamura!?!? No Shinoda, please!!!

Mariko will sing solo!?!?

Oh long time so see!! How are you doing, Yasusu?

Mariko-sama solo….. I was cracked up!!! lol

Shinoda Mariko
Wait( *;`ω´) ノAkimoto-sa~~~~N!!

Not yet…
Wait…Is it okay?…( *`ω´)
Hehehe, I will sing…. Solo~~~~(grin)

LOL Mariko-sama gets high.

Mariko is ridiculously fast to react lol

I want to listen to her solo!!!

Okay…. so where’s Takamina’s solo?

I don’t care about these kind of things… Why don’t you make new Stage setlist~~~.

I think he said he’s already made for team N and S?
Though he didn’t make it clear whether or not they’ve been working on team 4’s setlist.

Uhmm I’m sorry, but I have no interest in team N and S…..

Akimoto Yasushi
I’ve overlooked Mariko’s talent as a singer (for 7 years!!)…..
I’m sorry.

↑ I think most of people have overlooked it.

So is Yasusu running a high fever?

Certainly Mariko-sama is not good at singing, but I can’t dislike her voice…..

Members who belong to subunits can have opportunities to sing solo in singles released as a unit,
but for Mariko, AKB’s album may be the only chance to get a spot for her solo???

Finally, AKB48 launch the ultimate weapon…….

“This is no time to eat bamboo leaves!!!”

If this song will be with heavy digital vocal effect, say…. something like Perfume, then I would be dead….

Or she will be rapping whole part.

Or she will trying to produce the sound of Ocarina only with her mouth.

By the way, it’s only Jurina and Mariko among top10 members who still don’t have their solo numbers.

Though Mariko has a single with her name in it’s title.

So we, Mariko-oshi, finally get a song that we can vote for in Request hour!!

Oh I’d totally forgotten Uekara Mariko.….

So to which song Mariko-Oshi have voted for in the last AXs??
Because there’re tons of songs that she’s joined, I think not everyone votes for 小池 (Koike)

↑We didn’t participate in the first place.

↑x2 Cofession or 向日葵(Himawari)

↑x3 And I voted for サボテン, so basically we, Mariko-Oshi, haven’t yet had kind of representative songs that every Ota wants to listen in AX.

Whatever, I feel so happy\(^o^)/

Come on…. I was gonna cast all my vote to Uekarea Mariko…… This is a happy miscalculation!

Shinoda Mariko
Finally…… I’ve got Chance no Junbanーーー( *`ω´) ノ (Chance’s order)
La~~♪ La~~♪ La~~♪
Yes!!! I’m in the best condition!!!

“It (Mariko’s time) has begun…..”


Shinoda Mariko on twitter
Everyone!! We got a case!! Shinoda Mariko’s solo number will be contained in AKB48’s next album ( *`ω´) Finally…. it’s time to deliver my singing voice to everyone…..!! I’ve been itching as I was looking forward to this moment!!! I should tell Nakai-san (Smap) about this as well lol

Unexpectedly, After 7 years, I got my first solo number!! This is what this old saying “Perseverance prevails” means??

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