Things That Happen When You Sing AKB48 In Karaoke

  June 4, 2012

Sing all part of 桜の栞/Sakura no Shiori alone, including low-pitch part.

You’ll find Chorus part of Pony Tail to Chuchu is difficult.
It’s actually true, I think.
This song suddenly becomes difficult to sing in Chorus, C-melody (Middle Eight) and Acchan’s part.

I think many people have been surprised by the fact that Karaoke Machine does have Stage-exclusive songs (songs that haven’t been contained in singles) !!!
I feel something is lacking since I don’t have a sufficient number of people to sing AKB48’s songs together  lol
For some reason, it results in an awkward silence.
Since I haven’t been to Karaoke, I have no idea how people sing AKB48’s songs.

But I wonder if you guys even sing parts where songs sing the lyric of feminine style of speech???
Such as “~nanoyo” or “Watashi ha~”

I think, in most case, AKB48 songs use “Boku” instead of “Watashi”.
If we select “cool” style of songs from Stage songs, then people won’t notice it’s AKB48’s song.
But the display shows the name of artist… lol
So what songs are “cool” style of songs exactly?
AKB参上/AKB Sanjo, of course!!
Oh come on… people find out that it’s AKB immediately lol
Listen carefully, you’ll hear the mix of “Hidden (or yet-coming-out)” AKB Ota.
Can’t help but adding MIX during intro.
It’s a little bit of a stretch for men to sing AKB’s songs.
How come men with deep voice can sing high-pitched part??  lol
It’s no problem for me as I’m always singing B’z when I go to Kaoraoke.

So you think it’s bad to go down an octave?

I’m not trying to say it’s bad lol
But it’s a bit grotesque when men sing “Maybe~~ Maybe~~~~ Sukinanokamo shirenai~~~~” in deep voice, isn’t it???
So we have a good model to follow already!! It’s alright if we sing like Masaharu Fukuyama (singer).
It’s really disappointing when I find the Karaoke machine doesn’t have my favorite songs.
When they include てもでもの涙/Temodemo no Namida and 夢を死なせるわけにはいかない/Yume o Shinaseruwakeniha Ikanai~~~!!!
Let’s me sing these songs!!!
I become out of breath, because even though I sing a song alone, I can’t help but adding Mix.
It makes me feel hollowed out to sing チームB推し/team B Oshi by myself, alone in Karaoke room…
When I sing a song of Not Yet, I am asked “Whose song is this? I’ve heard this song before.”
They really have plenty line up of Stage songs.
When we sing (this part of NMB’s OMG) “Datte Datte Onna~no ko damo~n (Because I’m a girl~~~)”, the mood suddenly gets awkward.
(the latter part of the chorus 1:10~)
The awkwardness when we sing スカート、ひらり/Skirt Hirari is exceeding the limit.
We can show off our true potential when we bravely sing/read the dialogue scene of “1!2!3!4! Yoroshiku!!”
(1:07~, 2:20~)
Order the reception to bring drink and “leek”.
Feel so moved so much by MV of あなたがいてくれたから/Anataga Itekuretakara that it’s impossible to sing as you can’t stop crying.
Can’t help but grin when Myao appears in MV of Ponytail to Chuchu, in a bit dull mood .
Everyone got interested when I sang 合いたかったかもしれない/Aitakattakamoshirenai lol
I don’t grab a mic. Why? Because I want to dance!

When I seriously do choreo, I get out of breath. It’s too hard to sing while dancing.
I understand the importance of lip-sync.
Sing the English part of Kimito Bokuno Kankei.

That’s cool.
I want to secretly watch you guys singing Karaoke! Though, I don’t think I can stop laughing.
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