We love the Adult Members of AKB48!!!

  October 1, 2012

I love adult members!!!

26 y/o
Shinoda Mariko 1986.03.11

24 y/o
Kojima Haruna 1988.04.19
Akimoto Sayaka 1988.07.26

23 y/o
Oshima Yuko 1988.10.17
Umeda Ayaka 1989.01.03
Kuramochi Asuka 1989.09.11

Though they are not my Oshimen, I love them as a group.

If girls who are close in age to me will leave the group, I will feel embarrassed to support this group…. Actually, the more the group becomes “Loli”, the more I feel awkward to be a fan of them….

Adult Trio and their funny friends.

26 year old kid Mariko (Shinoda Mariko)
Megutan Kojiharu (Kojima Haruna)
Uhho Okaro (Akimoto Sayaka)
(´-∀-) Yuko (Oshima Yuko)
Dancing Umechan
Heitai Mocchi (Kuramochi Asuka)

If they disappear from AKB48, it will be so dull and boring!!

I totally agree with everyone!!!!!

Women start to reach the prime of their womanhood at the age of 25…

I like all of these members. There's my Oshi, too~!

Kojiharu, Mariko, and Okaro are the top 3 most gorgeous women in the 48 groups.

Actually if you think about it, it's natural for you to be attracted to adult members.
We look at junior members with a different point of view, which is “We want to warmly keep watching their growth.”

I think Shinoda is outstanding as she can retain that level of beauty at the age of 26….!!
I wonder if other members can grow into such a attractive lady like Mariko when they reach 26.

Though they're not my Oshi, I like Mariko-sama and Kojiharu becasue they're very photogenic.
Beauty justifies anything.

Adult Trio




MariKoji + Okaro

I love this thread (◇´∀`◆)

Shinoda is the oldest member. She is so beautiful, but at the same time, so deadly cute….
Starting from KojiMari, all of them have stunning looks!

If there were no Adult Trio and Okaro, I would never be into the idols that I hated the most….
I'll graduate as an idol Ota when they graduate AKB48.
I would have never imagined that I would ever i

nvest that amount of moeny and time for idols…..



Everyone is so beautiful.

I kinda understand this.

Probably for me, it's more like their outward appearances and moods than their age itself.

Recently Mariko and Okaro's exchange on twitter are so interesting.

I love everyone. Probably it's because my Oshi is Yuko,

Looking at them never makes me feel nervous or worried.

By the way, Mochiko (Kuramochi Asuka) looks better with light makeup~

I've been waiting for this thread for so long….

I can't stop loving these adult members…

Especially with Umechan, Yuko and Mariko, the new captain trio,

plus Okaro and Kojima, namely Showa Era Members. (Showa ~1989.1.7, Heisei 1989.1.8~)

If we are talking about members who were born in 80's, Sato Mieko and Hata Sawako, Furukawa Airi and Nakanishi Yuuka are also included.

For me, it's SKE but yeah, I love their adult members, too!

And, for AKB, I'm am interested in the junior members ^^;

But I can say for sure that for most people, them becoming fans of AKB48 is in due part to these adult members.

Without them, most of people will never become interested in 48 groups in the first place.

All of them are battle-hardened veterans.

I love the Adult Trio~~~☆

Of course I love the Adult members, too(^O^)

Adult Trio is a treasure of AKB48.

I want them to form a unit~~!

Personally, I prefer the Adult Trio to be NyanMariOkaro.

The 6 members has a perfect balance when they're together~.

What's captivating about the Adult members is their reliability, stability and funny characters lol

As a Sae Oshi, while she usually behave like a senior in front of junior members, when she is with adult members, she becomes so soft, like a kitten, and I can take a peek of her “little sister” side. This makes me realize that it's Sae who we've been talking about after all^^

↑ I totally get you!

For me, because I'm not an idol fan, I like AKB48 because I can find my favorite members from over 20 members of the group.

Adult Trio is the SUPREME treasure of AKB.

They have established their own unique characters.

They can be made fun of and are also able to make fun of each other.

Adult members are so versatile^^




  1. iron denim says:

    throw away kuramochi. lol

    • moofuq says:

      what’s wrong with her? she’s feminine and pretty. She’s like a young pretty older sister in French Kiss. If you ever she her in FK videos in Korea and Macau, you’ll know she is adorable.

    • Anoooonn says:

      Just because you can’t appreciate Kuramochi doesn’t mean that there is no single person that can appreciate her.

    • Hanabiratachi says:

      As someone that seen Mocchi in US, she’s pretty and nice. she have a good singing voice as well. When Sae wasn’t able to perform with DIVA because of other activites, Mocchi subbed for her and she did well.

  2. they are not getting any younger but they still look very young as if they’re newly debuted idols :DDD

  3. LOL I guess this writer thinks all women lose their cute looks but 26 by the way he acts so surprised. *eyeroll*

  4. cryt says:

    lol yeah, it’s getting awkward when management push 13 yr. olds or girls who look like elementary kids as AKB faces (Jurina never counted since she always looked at least 15 yr.) Add that to the fact that Aki-P likes to promote AKB in sensational/suggestive public advertising to drum up media attention, makes it harder for fans to justify AKB to new people and antis that it’s not some loli no-talent manufactured exploited group.

    AKB and SKE older members are definitely the most interesting and hardworking, they also just happened to be the ones I tend to respect within the groups.

    I always thought that Mocchi and Furukawa Airi’s beauty often are underrated. And Akimoto and Nakanishi’s abilities in leadership and establishing fruitful relationships with kouhai are unrivaled. The Adult Trio all have established strong identities within the entertainment industry. All the Heisei born members listed are outstanding in some way, it would take too long to sing their praises here. 🙂

  5. Gina Aghnia says:

    I totally get this!!!!
    I really admire them~ their performance skills are awesome, their variety skill is fresh. I personally love their interaction with each other, the jokes they made are hilarious.
    The reason why I like “Iikagen no susume” because Sayaka, Sae, Mariko and Nyannyan is in the same unit.. it would be perfect if they also put yuko in it <3

    "As a Sae Oshi, while she usually
    behave like a senior in front of junior members, when she is with adult
    members, she becomes so soft, like a kitten, and I can take a peek of
    her “little sister” side. This makes me realize that it’s Sae who we’ve
    been talking about after all^^ "
    Yes to this comment!!!

  6. Bree says:

    This writer’s an idiot, he states that all women lose their looks at age 26. He’s like surprised by this *face palm*