AKB General Manager Togasaki presents Handshake event report at Seibu Dome, March 3rd

  March 3, 2013

Let’s look back today’s handshake event at Seibu Dome, Saitama!

As usual, the event is held two days in a row during 2-days weekend.

For some reason, Oshima Ryoka, one of members who Tanochan is the most closest, slept over at Muto Tomu’s house!?

Muto Tomu 3/3 9:16

Good morningー☆

I don’t know why, but Ryoka came my home for sleepover yesterday!

Since she was a bit tired, she wasn’t as noisy as usual lol




Oh by the way, today’s the Girls’ Day in Japan, so today you probably found a lot of posts from members mentioned the day? Like this one.

Shinoda Mariko 10:30

Today is the Girl’s Festival day♪ I got a picture sent from my parents \(^o^)/  These are the handmade dolls for the Girls’ Festival ♪ which my grandma made when I was born — it is the same age as me (* `ω’)




Shimazaki Haruka 10:44

Girls Day♥



Yeah it’s freaking cold here in Japan lately…. AND Seibu Dome is OPEN AIR STADIUM despite it’s name!! Gwwww

Togasaki Tomonobu 11:24 AM

My report for yesterday’s handshaking session was not as good as it should have been because of an unforeseen event, so I am going to do my best and efficiently report about the event today!!
By the way, the wind is so strong…

Togasaki Tomonobu 11:37 AM

We will introduce the members of the Radio Club today.



LOL I didn’t know today is not just only Girls’ Day but also Mimi No Hi… (Ears’ Day)

Togasaki Tomonobu 12:13 PM

It’s Girls’ Festival and “MIMI NO HI” today, that’s why we’re going to have “Ear Ranking” event today!!
There’s going to be fortune telling, which will be done by telling you what your ears say about your fortune.


Captain of AKB “Ear Club” LOLOLOLOL

Togasaki Tomonobu 12:16 PM

It’s Ms. Mimi Nakatani, a fortune teller who can do a reading of your ears!!

And then, here’s Kuramochi, who has continued touching and tasting ears for the five years.

Togasaki Tomonobu 12:18 PM

Ms. Mimi read her ear in a moment!!
While Kuramochi is enjoying Katorena’s ears.

She’s talking to ears.

This is uncanny…..



LOL Nyan! What are you doing? Warming up your ears???? 

Togasaki Tomonobu 12:19

Kuramochi is so good.
Go ahead!!



And then, Ms. Mimi announced the ranking of members who have the luckiest ears based on her examination.

Togasaki Tomonobu 12:24

Kojiharu ranked third in the Ear Ranking fortune telling!!
It’s so cute that she’s so pleased even by things like this.

Togasaki Tomonobu 12:26 PM

A while ago, Tomochin looked a little angry when Kuramochi groped her ears. Now as Kuramochi announced Tomochin’s ears won the second place, she looks really happy!

Togasaki Tomonobu 12:27 PM

Ms. Mimi chose Paruru for the second place.

Togasaki Tomonobu 12:30

As a matter of course, Ms. Kuramochi chose this person as the first place.

It is Kojiharu!!

According to her Kojiharu’s ears are transparent…

Kojiharu said, “I don’t know where my ears are…”.
You’re really amusing, Ms. Kojima.



And the person who has the luckiest ears is…..

By the way, don’t you think Sakiko looks freezing? Hope she won’t catch a cold after the event..

Togasaki 12:32

The person who was ranked first by Ms. Mimi is Kawaei!!
By the way, people who have big earlobes are not rich people. Instead, it is said that they’re gluttons…
I didn’t know that.

Togasaki 12:34 PM

They are announcing the last place that everyone is curious about!!
First of all, Kuramochi is going to announce her last place.

It looks like the last place is Kitahara.
She said that she doesn’t feel attractiveness from her ears.



Workout for ears to make them bigger!?!? Anyways, Katorena looks insanely cute with this hairstyle.

Togasaki 12:37

Katorena was ranked last in the Ear Fortune telling by Ms. Mimi.

It’s shocking!!

However, she was told that her ear will grow bigger and bigger if she does workout for ears.

Togasaki 1:11 PM

Report on our activities to support a stricken area. from Yuko.

We shared a report on total of 22 charity activities we conducted in the are so far, as well as announced our new charity song to support Tohoku, “Tenohira ga Katarukoto” (Tails that Palms Tell), which is released for free worldwide.

You can be download the music file from the special website of Darekano Tameni project.




It’s graduation season. So they prepared a special section to feature members who graduate high schools and junior high schools this month.

Togasaki 13:01

They’re going to have a graduation production again today. It’s a huge composition.
By the way, it looks like the calligraphy brush is about the same height as Takamina!!
Graduation is a new start.
It’s exciting.

Togasaki 1:04 PM

The maestro Sakiko is playing the piano for the song “SAKURA NO HANABIRA TACHI”, and they are singing the song with everyone in the venue.

Togasaki 13:09

They’re expressing their determination for their graduation.
I keenly felt that both Kawaei and Iwatate are thinking a lot of things.

Togasaki 13:13

Inside the venue hall, there were a lot of shouts from the fans saying, “Congratulations on your graduation!”.
Hearing that made me feel that I want to graduate from SOMETHING as well.



Tomu is so handsome in the 2nd photo….

Togasaki 13:16

They’re going to present the titles for the composition, and let the fans in the venue decide which title they want the most.
Once the title has been decided, they will be writing on a huge composition paper!!


Nattsun’s composition, titled “My Treasure” got the loudest cheers from fans.

Togasaki 2:57 PM

Kojima Nattsun will be the one writing her huge composition.
It’s something to look forward to.
Please wait for it!!

Kojima Haruna 14:07

Kuramochi’s No.1 favorite and the least favorite are in the same booth today.

We’re at Seibu Dome! Today, I pair with Riechan☆~(ゝ。∂)

Togasaki 14:38

Kojima Nattsun is doing her best!!

Togasaki 14:42

It makes my heart throb to think that they were studying in school like this…
Congratulations on your graduation.

Iwasa Misaki

Iwatate Saho

Komori Mika

Muto Tomu

Yamauchi Suzuran

Togasaki 2:49 PM

The fans are watching for the member who is writing her composition.
Aren’t you excited to see the final piece?
However, it is funny to think that Kojima is the only one in the world who is struggling with this huge manuscript paper.

Togasaki 15:09

There’s a chance that the members (of Radio Broadcast) will call you themselves?!!
Please do participate if you have time!

(You can share your genius idea for their radio show, like funny question, and send it to them. If you’re good enough, members will call you and use your idea.)

Togasaki 3:11pm

These young girls are writing with all their might!! It would be really nice if they were able to have a connection with the members!

Togasaki 3:13pm

I found the weird section of heaters!
It makes my feeling warm.

Togasaki 16:30

Of course it’s my hand! I know what you’re probably thinking, It’s prettier than expected, isn’t it? haha

Abe Maria 3/3 15:57

You can meet these 3 members at lane No.6!

Looking forward to meeting you!!

Togasaki 4:20pm

Kojima is arranging the remaining sentence.
It was cold in the upper part of the manuscript.
Do your best, Kojima.


We’re in the middle of handshaking session♪

Ohba Mina 3/3 16:50

I pair with Paruru today( *?v? )

9th gen lane.

Team 4 lane.

Bakareya lane.

Fumie and Saya lane…

Looking forward to seeing your faces!

Togasaki 16:51

“GUGU ONAKA” was ranked in the 348th place in this year’s Request Hour!
I am amazed that the ranking has reached this number.

Togasaki 5:03pm

The composition will be finished after writing four more letters.
Thank you to the fans who watched over her!

Togasaki 17:06

Nattsun was told to ride the crane and go to the top to read her composition aloud.
Nattsun wanted to say “I am afraid of heights”, but instead she said, “I am afraid of being afraid.”
The venue was filled with laughter. LOL
Take care going up seven meters from the ground!

Togasaki 17:07

It’s really high, isn’t it?

Togasaki 17:11

Kojima is reading her composition aloud from the top of the crane. It was a touching ending!
Nattsun is expressing how thankful she was to the fans.

Togasaki 17:21

Nattsun. You’ve done an awesome job!



Juri is showing off Natto mixed with something, probably an egg?

She stirred Natto so much that it ended up like this.

Togasaki 18:48

Oh….. okay



Since Takamina didn’t participate in today’s event, Yuko almost exclusively acted as MC alone, which must be tough even though she has a great talking ability.

Togasaki 7:30 PM

It was cold in “SEIBU DOME”.
Good job Yuko!!


Iwasa Misaki 22:10

The handshake session in Seibu Dome is over!

I participated in a special event, too!( ̄▽ ̄)

I wrote a graduation essay!

Thank you thank you for everyone who watched me writing the essay~♥

It was cold today, so please take care of yourself!

And…. finally I will graduate high school…. finally….


Kawaei Rina 22:44

Oh hai. Thanks.

I’m Kawaei, the winner of Mimi ranking today.

I was told I’m genius.

It’s the first time I’m told so by someone.


Thank you, my ears.

KItahara Rie 22:55

Today, I paired with NyanNyan for the handshake event at Seibu Dome!(●´▽`●)♪

If my memory serves me correctly, it’s the first time ever I pair with her.

The winner and the loser of Mimi sommelier Kuramochi’s ranking.

It was so much fun(๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥



And not to mention, a blog post Yuko posted after the event made my day.

Meanwhile, Nagao Mariya made a big step forward toward her dream.

Nagao Mariya 20:10

I participated Kansai Collection as a guest model!★

It was a first time for me to walk runway and I was all alone….

On top of that, it was Kyosera Dome (Osaka Dome), the huge venue…. All of these things made me so nervous…..

But, I made it*\(^o^)/*

bonica dot

I wore clothes from these 3 brands!

I will continue my best to achieve my dream!


Speaking of models, Abe Maria, aka Abemaru, lately is pretty close to Shinoda Mariko.

Though Mariko, as a fashion director, said she want to be a producer of Kojima Haruna since she is cute in whatever style, hanging out with Mariko will let younger members who are aspiring to become models learn lots of important lessons as well as give them inspirations.

Shinoda Mariko 19:42

Handshaking session at Seibu Dome is overー( *`ω´)

Thank you for coming today♪

Tomochin(≧∇≦) invited me to have dinner together for tonight♪

So I will, together with Maria and Aamin\(^o^)/ Fufufun~♪




What the hell?

Yu….. Yuria-chan!!!!!