Some fans utilized their talent to create fancy fan sites for their favorite AKB members. Some of them look so prefessioanl and have greater content than official websites.

1. Mayuyu

2. Yokoyama Yui

3. Sashihara Rino -Sashicom-

This website is way professional!

4. Everyone’s darling, Watanabe Miyuki

5. Maeda Atsuko!!

Personally I think this fansite is the best. It has comprehensive information of her latest activities.

It stores archive of her old blog pots and google plus post – both are lost on their original pages –

6. Shimazaki Haruka

This website is set up to support her election campaign this year. It’s only 1 moth old, yet has a lot of content and clean design.

another version

7. Miyazawa Sae

This only 1 week old website, (it launched on 26th February, 2013!!) already put up a lot of valuable information source for Sae. This website mainly consists of the two pages, 宮澤佐江特集(Featured content)、宮澤佐江辞典(Miyazawa Sae dictionary or encyclopedia). The former (will) provide gorgeous snippets of her history in AKB48, from interesting episodes to memorable performances to her special relation with particular members.

Since they just launched the website, most parts is left unfinished, but let’s look forward to the update!

Extra: Sae X Yannu – Office38

Apparently this website is supposed to be a parody of Office 48. The website claims that they initially intended to make this website as a parody, but once they launched the website, they thought this may be able to function as a fan site to support the two SNH48 members.

Now the website only has few content, introduction of Office 38, and it’s artist unit called “Shanghai Ganny”, and other miscellaneous information regrading their Google Plus community.

But since the website, especially cartoon character version of Sae and Yannu look so fancy, they might roll out something more interesting in the future.

*their current goal is to make the website bilingual, in Japanese and Chinese, so that Chinese fans can join the community.