Miyazawa Sae's transfer to Chinese Group SNH48 is just to dangerous!

  September 15, 2012

Look at this…. Japanese super markets and factories…

Uniqlo sucks up to China. The display says “Senkaku-islands are the territory of China”

Factories of Panasonic

Destroying Japanese cars

Free distribution of “Egg to express your anger” (up to 2) near the Japanese embassy in Beijing

Anti Japan riot in China

Man… I think Miyazawa Sae can’t be safe in China…

I’m impressed how Japanese Ota are cool with her transfer to China. Think about it. It’s CHINA! Not South Korea, Not Singapore, Not Taiwan, Not Vietnam, but CHINA!!
Man, AKB Ota are completely peace-addicted.

When everything from Japan is targeted by rioters, I can’t believe they don’t give up the idea to transfer members to China…

It’s natural that fans of idols are more or less peace-addicted, especially they are kids… Otherwise, they don’t have any leisure to support idols like 24 hours…

I don’t think the situation will be improved…
If they want to transfer to overseas, they’d better change their mind and go Taipei or Jakarta….

I think this kind of radical riots is only temporary. I think AKB’s management does understand they should refrain from making comments on political matters.

How about making European or more generally speaking, Western version of AKB48?

In Western culture, AKB48 is considered as something that only pedophiles love in weird way…..

Come on, you guys…. don’t ignore Mariyanne…


After she joined Anti Japan protest, theis woman found that her Nissan car was destroyed.

Even porno actress who has 13 million followers on Weibo can’t stop this Anti Japan Sentiment.
Now her weibo is flamed by Chinese fans as she made a post saying “日中友好” “日中人民友好”.
We can tell AKB fans in China can easily transform themselves into Anti Japan rioters and attacked by them….