Maeda Atsuko scandal: Our mentor Kobayashi Yoshinori admitted the victory of Shunkan Bunshun

  September 15, 2012

I guess Bunshun is preparing for the follow-up article for the scandal, and that’s why they asked Yoshirin to write something about the Maeda scandal….?

I’m so worried about AKB’s future….

At this point, the only 48 group I can trust is JKT48.

No ANN, No formal announce, and they asked Yoshirin to make a comment on the Maeda Scandal….. Which means they surely have further story.
But I guess Bunshun is not something that Akimoto Yasushi and Dentsu can tame…. They are actually now at the mercy of this notoriously great tabloid magazine….

Sure, this time, I must admit I totally lost to Bunshun…

He has been totally defeated mentally…

Inwardly, I think the fact that Oshima was involved in this scandal is hurting him the most….
*Fan fact: Yoshirin is Yuko and Miorin Oshi.

In Sashihara’s case, she made an apology (the formal one) and she got penalty (The formal one), but this time, Oshima didn’t made a proper apology. I wonder if Bunshun considers this as a chance to release further story….

This is a bit of relief to me, as even the tough guy Yoshirin has been shocked….
That’s can be helped…. It was a slap in a face to everyone in the world who loves AKB48 girls….