Rena officially announced the transfer to Grick

  June 12, 2012

Rena went to Osaka to meet the former member of SKE48 Mai Imade

Rena on G+

I went to Osaka to meet my angel there!!
For the detail, visit my blog!

Wow it’s a fallen Angel (Angel = Imade’s nickname) lol

So she was with Imade… I want Rena to relax and calm down by talking with her….

So Rena visited Osaka at her own expense!?!?
What kind of secret information Rena was held by Imade lol

I kinda feel that these days Rena has too much free time….

Yeah, my impression is Kuumin is the busiest among all SKE members.

So Imade is the person Rena wanted to meet (and consult) all the way from Nagoya.
They gotta hire Imade as Angel counselor!!
I would like her to manage this girl.
(Back when she was a member of SKE48, thanks to her blunt/frank but funny personality, she had a broad circle of friends, and often introduced her friends on her G+ accounts.)

I feel that Rena really loves Angel.

I thing Rena has been feeling depressed these days…
You know, if she is fine, then she wouldn’t have asked fans, “What you want me to be?”

↑Rena-chan had been like – only slept at home once a week, worked almost always in Tokyo or elsewhere –
So it’s understandable…

I wanted to write “Be my wife.” (to Rena)
Though I couldn’t dare to actually do it, because Rena and other Ota would get mad at me like “Give her a serious answer!!”

Imade on Twitter: “Today, I enjoyed dating with Rena-san. We went to Kaiyuukan marine zoo(^o^)/ She had taken the trouble to come to Osaka to meet me(’;ω;‘) It was so nice to talk to her!!!”
Imade is TO (Top Ota)…

Rena Matsui officially announced her transfer to Grick

Rena-tan announced her transfer to Grick on her official blog….

Rena on her blog

Today, I’ve officially transferred to Grick.

(Skip: She apologized for having kept silent about this matter since she first announced this at SSA in March)

Over these months, I’d talked about this with my parents and staffs of agencies for many times.
And I reached the conclusion that Grick is the ideal agency to realize my dream to be an actress.
I’m so happy to officially announce this news to you here.


I’ll keep walking, just as I’ve done, so that you can say to me, “I’m so glad with your transfer, it was a right choice.”

I’m glad if you will keep walking with me.
Thank you for your support as always.

So Rena has done with her transfer…
Honestly it would be much better if it was a major agency, but this is Rena, she can forge her path wherever she belongs to.
This changes nothing about my feeling toward her.

She deliberately announce this at the same time of Smap x Smap?? 
(most of Ota were talking about her transfer so we couldn’t see Ota’s reactions to Smap Smap much..)

So now that Rena announced this officlay, Kuumin(Watanabe production) and Churi(Avex) will also announce their transfer any time now???

(Now Grick is recruiting a manager)
I guess tons of Ota will apply to the job. This job is probably Rean’s manager….

So you got the golden egg, Grick. You must promote her as much as possible to the extent she will get tons of bashing!!! You gotta definitely help her grow into “Phoenix”….

Let’s congratulate this transfer. This is Rena’s decision….

Grick is the one of the groups associates with Burning production. Similar productions include Ogi production (No Sleeves members, Warota members, Misato Nonaka and Natsumi Matsubara), though Grick is much smaller than Ogi pro.

Senbatsu member for NMB’s 5th single

NMB48 official website

Here we announce Senbatsu members for NMB48’s upcoming new single released on 8th August.

Mayu Ogasawara, Yuuka Katoh, Kanako Kadowaki, Rika Kishino, Haruna Kinoshita, Riho Kotani, Eriko Joe, Kei Joenishi, Miru Shirama, Airi Tanigawa, Aina Fukumoto, Shu Yabushita, Nana Yamada, Sayaka Yamamoto, Akari Yoshida, Miyuki Watanabe

Kaneko Takeshi on G+

Today, June 11,
We held Seitansai (birthday celebration festival) of Haruna Kinoshita (Haru, Egg Woman(?))
Like her favorite flower, sunflower, please give her your sunshine and make 14th year of her life bright and cheerful!!
Happy birthday!!

Sayanee is emulating…..
One of Top Osaka institutions, Kuidaore Tarou!!!

Wikipedia: Kuidaore
Kuidaore (食い倒れ?) is a Japanese word meaning roughly “to ruin oneself by extravagance in food.” It is sometimes romanised as cuidaore, and is part of a larger proverb: “Dress (in kimonos) till you drop in Kyoto, eat till you drop in Osaka” (京の着倒れ、大阪の食い倒れ).
The word is associated with Dōtonbori, and is often used in tourist guides and advertisements. It can be seen in the names of several locations in Dōtonbori, such as the mascot Kuidaore Taro and the defunct restaurant Cui-daore.