In Shanghai, Miyazawa Sae struggling to lead immature SNH48 members

  February 21, 2013

Japanese News TV Program “every” covered the latest situation of SNH48, featuring struggles of Miyazawa Sae, the (tentative) leader of the group.

The brief Summary of the news;

-A professional dance coach came to Shanghai to teach SNH48 members, but the lesson of the coach was a little too difficult for SNH members.

-They were scolded by the coach because of their poor performance.

-Miyazawa shed tears, saying “Listening to the coach scolding you hurt me, too. But you gotta realize that it’s a blessing that you have someone that cares you enough to scold you.”

-She scolded members because they were sitting when the coach was preaching them. She said;

“I know you are tired. But why were you sitting, why were you leaning against the wall when the coach was thankfully giving advice to you?”

“I know we have different ideas on how to show respect, but I believe these kind of things are universal.”

“Hate to say this but you have no decency (to show respect to people who provide assistance to them).”

“You should be more aware of your behavior and try to improve it.”

-They performed their first public performance without adequate skill.

-Because the Chinese government hasn’t provided working visa to Miyazawa Sae and Suzuki Mariya, both of them watched SNH48’s first public performance as an audience.

Miyazawa’s impression on SNH48’s performance:

“(They performed 19 songs and) none of the performances was perfect.”

“All the more because there’s a language barrier between us, I need to convey message to them by actions like dancing.”

fans reaction:

“On the other hand Chinese fans are quite united and loyal to the group….”

“I completely agree with Sae on ”These are universal'”

“In Jakarta, One member old all the complainants she had against JKT48 during the live broadcasting of TV program, and left the group. 

There was the other member who secretly engaged in other work that didn’t relate to JKT48, and left the group in the end.

I think…. basically it’s not wise to expect what works in Japan will work in other countries, too.”

“I think it’s just Japanese people regard teamwork and cooperativeness as a big deal way more than other Asian nations in general.”

“The manner or attitude that they displayed when they were listening to the coach scolding them will make anyone angry….”