Holy Cow!! Vibrant mood in Indonesia after JKT48 1st album released

  March 3, 2013

A little while back, JKT48’s 1st album “Heavy Rotation” was released in Jakarta. Guess what it was like in Jakarta? Do you wanna know how much 48G franchise in Jakarta is loved by locals? How the large south east asian country embraced and adapted the Japanese pop phenomenon?


The dude in a black uniform (at the left bottom of the photo) is Hagashi?

Hagashi: a staff who urge fans to leave when time is up.

Look! They already learned “Multiple purchase” of the same record!!! No doubt that record contains handshake ticket or something similar?

They’re young! Unlike Japanese fans, who are usually in their late 20’s or even 40’s, those Indonesian look they’re kids!

Even though our culture, language or appearance are different, when you’re Wota, you basically do the same thing!

Worlds is Colliding!

Indonesia has far more youth population than Japan, it’s total population is twice as large as Japan.

One question. We Japanese’re all brainwashed that South East Asian music scene has been dominated by K-pop. But Jakartan say this phenomenon  supporting “their” idols from “their” country, the story -“girl, a normal Indonesian just like them trying to achieve dream” – is something they’ve never experienced before.

Will JKT48 or 48G in Indonesia become real big?

Do you see the momentum?

But as you know, SE Asia market as a whole is far smaller than Japan. What K-pop is doing is more like increasing their soft power rather than business itself.

But look! These smiles!!

SA nations are notoriously known for piracy and free download – sorry Indonesian but this is statistically true – BUT JKT48 fans are buying records! Because they don’t just want to listen to good music or watch great performance. But they want to support the girls and they feel what’s they’re doing for the girls make change!!

Many of fans in Japan lamented that the mood of AKB fandom in Japan is too stark and bloody. People are cursing at each other, trying to disrupt members who are rivals of their favorite members. Not everyone is like this, but seriously, here we tend to have TOO MANY Negative Feedback.

Jakarrrrrrta!!!Your smile is priceless!!