Meet Iwata Karen, the girl who is the reason why you can have hope in AKB48

  February 24, 2013

Iwata Karen, the 12th generation (known as golden gen) member of AKB48. If you ever watched her singing and dancing, or Anime 0048 where she portrayed protagonist Nagisa, or read her Google Plus posts, or more importantly followed what she’s been working for Tohoku, her home region, you probably already noticed that this girl is really talented in many things.

Singing is one of things her talent shines the most.

It’s not just about her technique, but what separates her from other good singers is an ability to covey emotion.

video: 岩田華怜 / 花は咲く (AKB48 / Iwata Karen / Hana wa saku) 菅野よう子 Yoko Kanno

It’s impossible to just listen to her singing with your ears. Because her singing voice reaches deep inside of your heart.

video: ロマンスかくれんぼ 岩田華怜

But what’s more important is the fact that she is a hard working girl, and although she has struggled not to lose herself in business,

(certainly 2012 was way grueling year for Karen. She seized a starring role in Anime 0048, chosen as a navigator for NHK’s TV program that puts a spotlights on victims of Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, which includes herself)

She is so strong that she can always stay true to herself, always impress us not only by her performance but also by her words. Yes, she is great at putting her emotions into words.

video: AKB48 岩田華怜:走れペンギン盗撮by華怜ママ (Karen singing Hashire Penguin filmed by Karen’s Mama)

video: AKB48 「NO NAME」AKB0048ライブイベント まとめ 幕張メッセ

Born to a mother who is a local media personality in Tohoku region, she was attending a musical academy before she joined AKB48. Her dream, to perform a musical on Broadway, and now added  is to become a professional voice actress (Seiyu).

video: AKB48 Unit Matsuri 2013 鏡の中のジャンヌ・ダルク 山本・岡田奈・岩田・菅・藤本

After the 2nd team shuffle, she moved to team A from team 4 which has disbanded.

Mentored by top members like Takahashi and Shionda, inspired by her also talented peers like Tano Yuka or Oshima Ryoka, her story goes on.

video: Yokaze no Shiwaza by Iwata Karen

Yes, it really is mysterious and WEIRD.

Yamamoto Sayaka 2/24 20:39

I read Oshima-san’s blog.

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Last night, shortly after the other Oshima, Oshima Ryoka (14) posted a text on Google Plus, which included a word a bit inappropriate (Nipple: to her defense, she wrote it in a funny and cute way, but yeah she literally wrote Nipple or ちくび in Japanese), the post magically disappeared as if someone was checking her posts.

Maybe Oshima Ryoka aka Chiccha-Man (Tiny hero) should learn where to draw a line from Yuko…?

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