AKB48 Minegishi Minami, the KKS – Miichan talks about “shaving head after the scandal”

  April 23, 2013

1. AKB48 Minegishi Minami, the KKS – Miichan talks about “shaving head after the scandal”

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1. Minegishi made it clear that “AKB48 does not have specific and explicit rule that prohibit members from being in relationship with men.” 
<- In TV show “MechaIke”, we spotted a banner that says “Love Ban Law – play it secretly so that no one finds out!!”, which suggests their intention to make “Love Ban Rule” a dead letter.

2. Minegishi’s scandal made people suspicous about other members as well, that members who’re close to her might already konw the relationship.

<- That means she actually had been secretly in relationship with him.

3 Minegishi “Takamina had been crying so hard during the whole this crazy mess.”
<- My heart hurts for Takamina…
“Even Togasaki was crying behind the scenes. I totally expected Takamina was devastated by this as well.”

“Takamina clearly declared that “Love Ban Law” exists. If we check her remarks in the interview and members blogs posted around January height side by side, we can figure out who the liar is, and who was shedding crocodile tears.”

“We have a rule, which is called ‘Love Ban Law’. I think Minegishi is the person who used this phrase the most to get laughs in variety shows LOL”

“Anyways, I just want her to “stay at home. Every time Minegishi appears on Media after the scandal  it’s just affecting AKB48 negatively.”

“Why Anti push their own standards to fans? I gotta say we will never be sympathetic with you. Miichan is an angel for us, that’s all.”

“If she mentions Takamina, she must also talk about Hirajima, who acted based on the rule and left AKB48 after the scandal.”
“Minegishi’s scandal is the worst and most vicious case. Don’t you remember her remark in the ANN, where AkiP announced the transfer of Sashihara. She shamelessly said she doesn’t know any other member who had scandalous relationships.”

“It’s just that we all have different perspectives. Most of us think it’s not considered good when she didn’t resign after she committed a mistake. We praise who take their own medicine with good grace, and hate those who talk about their own misconduct regretfully and don’t give up honorably.

And for management, they considered she expressed her passion and tenacity for AKB48 enough so that they decided to give her a second chance.”

“Akimoto Yasushi said,

“AKB doesn’t have “Love Ban Law”.

Actions members took after their scandal were revealed to public were done by their own decision. They thought about what they should do to express their feeling of apology and to be forgiven by them. And took actions on their own will.

All in all, we don’t have any rules, so it’s no wonder that penalties each member receive variy significantly.”

But personally think this is a lie he made up in order to protect members who fell victims of scandal and gossip.”

“Yeah, he just changed the rule to defend the members and AKB48 itself. Self Defense.”

“She can just dodge her responsibility just like Kobayashi Kana did, when she was allegedly spotted with former Johnny’s JR member. I think the way KK and some of other members reacted to their alleged scandals are far worse than Miichan.”

“When a member who gave a bad name to AKB48 and betrayed fans can still enjoy opportunities to make media appearances, what junior members should do?

Tons of members are in AKB48, and Minegishi is the person who must make room for them.”

“After all, what kids fans learned from this scandal and it’s aftermath is their is no so called fair competition in AKB48, in Showbiz and in our society. If there’s no specific laws, why penalties should be the same to everyone? And it makes more sense that degree of penalties change according to each circumstance.”

“We should know that AKB48 is a symbol of unequal society, 1% insanely rich and 99% poor.”

“I don’t blame her for the scandal itself. I blame her for getting laugh by making fun of “Love Ban Rules” in variety TV shows while there’re members who left the group because of the rule.

And when she herself was caught in scandal, she shove her hair, leaving everyone taken aback instead of sincerely making an apology. Who wants to see members go literally frantic? We just want to sincere apology to make us convinced that what she did isn’t a big deal and we can forgive her.

She just created a big mess and before we knew what’s going on, somehow she managed to remain in AKB48.

 If Shukan BUnshun’s report was not true, I wanted her to deny it just like Yuko did. Otherwise, it’ll be very hard to place trust in her.”

“From a perspective of feminism, Minegishi’s action is appreciated highly.

Current issue feminism in Japan is facing is:

“How women take penalties”

No matter how legal systems ensure woman to have equal career opportunities, without a generally accepted idea that women also have to take equal penalties for their mistakes as men, female workforce in general will never be considered as equal as male counterpart.

In the reality, women are “unfairly” given give preferential treatment.

Thus, members of idol groups, sort of representatives of “women unfairly treated favorably”, want to take penalties voluntarily and actually took it, this should be considered a big step forward in feminism community. 

That’s one perspective to look at this crazy fuss.”

“Don’t worry minnows. Triton is here. My freekin 5000 votes go for Miichan.”