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  April 21, 2013

Togasaki Tomonobu:

The last handshaking with Nito Moeno…
Fans and Nito herself are thanking to each other.


 And the huge “Moeno” call from wonderful fans of her at the last.

Thank you so much!

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The huge banner literally reads “We’re and will ever be comrades”

That’s the one important aspect of Japanese idol culture.

They are not just connected with firm bond or fans are not just claiming that they are supporting girls when what’s they are doing is just enjoying and raving their favorite idols.

What makes Japanese idol culture so special is fans are literally working as off to find and provide their beloved girls with opportunities. They are not just consuming stuffs that idols provide them, but trying to expand possibilities that girls can move onto next phase of their career.

They are not just fans, many of them are working as self appointed promoters of the girls. They send letters  to potential sponsors that may find the girl good fit for their company’s image. They talk to AKB48 staffs to suggest better way to promote girls into the industry. Of course, some of fans who have a power to influence industry’s inside move are exercising their power to give opportunities for the girls. 

The mixture of movement generated from the fandom and movement that comes from management or big agencies are shaping this unique form of entertainment called “idols”, the best thing modern Japan ever created.

“Comrades” is the best way to put it.

Looking at Masuda Yuka’s insane success after the graduation, apparently we have no say whether graduation or getting fired from the group because of scandal actually affect their future or not. All the cases are different. Agencies power, girls’ abilities, timing, connections, all miscellaneous factors  are making it so unpredictable.

Nito Moeno, however, announced her graduation in advance, held a wonderful handshake event and providing fans of opportunities to offer peaceful final greeting, held a final graduation performance at the theater and will graduate the group at Budokan concert. She graduated AKB48 in an ideal way that one can ever imagine.


Kasai also wrapped up her final handshaking session with a bright smile.


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Kitagawa Kenji… LOL

Obviously large chunk of fans of Kasai Tomomi aka Tomo~mi are women. She is one of the uniquest member who has overwhelming femininity, and was the only person who bring stage performance infused with eroticism into a whole new level, a piece of art.

It’s quite funny that even though the banner says “Orera no Tomomi” (Orera is first person pronoun for a group of male.), most of fans in the front row are girls!!

I love this intimate mood between idols and their fans, and how they are like a team where no one is just enjoying things passively.