Insanely Cute Photo of Oshima Yuko with cute Cat Ears [2 topics]

  April 21, 2013

1. Thank you Okada Ayaka (13th gen) for Beautiful shot of Oshima Yuko

2. 48G Manager shared photos from final handshake session of our Nito Moeno and Kasai Tomomi

Okada Ayaka:

So yeah! Today was an individual handshake session( • ̀ω•́ )

Thank you for coming, everybody!

Next, it’s in May!
Can’t want to see your fances ~(‘∀`)

Today I dressed up as 猫耳 maid~! (Maid with cat ears)

MoeMoe~~~ Lovey Dovey~~

Yuko-san generously put my cat ears and took a photo with me!!

20 - 1

Thank you~ Okada Ayaka. This is probably 2nd time Okada took a couple shot with Yuko.

Anyways, don’t you think this is the best couple shot shot she took with great seniors?

With Mayuyu

09 - 1

With Takamina

12 - 1

With Yuko

07 - 1

With Yukirin

13 - 1

With Milky

14 - 1

With Ryon (Ryon (Oshima Ryoka) is not her senior but a same 13th gen member)

15 - 1

Apparently some fans snapped at her that she is sucking up to famous members, to which she responded as follows:

Okada Ayaka: I think the reason why I could take photos with them is because I was courageous.

Maeda Mitsuki: Gu~i Gui Gui!

Gu~i GuiGui!

Ayaka goes ever so Gui Gui!!

Okada Ayaka: Well, Mitsuki, I’m not a part of GuiGui Senbatsu. But I dare to say I’m interested in being a part of them.

Okada Ayaka: And I have a reason to go to meet them.

I am consulting with Yuko-san.

Fans: We know! We all understand that you’re doing this whole thing not because you suck up to them, but you want to learn from them and you’re courageous enough to talk to them!

Okada Yuko: I’m glad that I can confirm that you understand me.

Even my same generation peers misunderstand me, haha.

But anyways, I don’t care people misunderstand me, because you’re with me!

Okada Ayaka:

And it cleared my mind that Yuko-san told me “You shouldn’t mind that you might bother us!”

Okada Ayaka: (To fans) Everyone, why you’re so kind to me(´ω`*)