AKB48’s 2nd Comedy Skit Series (Konto Bangumi) decided! Titled “Nanimo Soko Made…”

  July 20, 2013

AKB48's 2nd Skit Series Nanimo Soko Made...

Starting from Friday, 26th of July 2013, Hikari TV 「ひかりTV」will start broadcasting “Nanimo Soko Made…”, AKB48’s 2nd Original Skit Comedy TV Series.

On 2011, Hikari TV also broadcasted AKB48’s 1st ever Skit Program「Bimyo~」that was produced by Akimoto Yasushi, where members of AKB48 with all their might challenges the genre of skit programs. Being able to see members doing silly things that you can’t see anywhere else boosted the series’ popularity.

This program is also a reply to requests from audience that wanted the original「Bimyo~」to be revived. Hopefully on this second time, the skills of the members to do the skits have improved and thus will be able to make more of the audience cry tears of laughter.

AKB48's 2nd Skit Series Nanimo Soko Made...

Fan Reactions:Here it is!!!!!━━(゜∀゜)━━!!Is that Yuihan in the black devil costume!?Yuihan suits that costume very well – I’m looking forward to this!Please… please continue to have IWA (岩 – Uchida Mayumi) and Honmayan (ホンマヤン)I’m soooooo gonna have a hard time deciding between this and KAYOU-KYOKU…Honmayan! (It’s real!)
Honma ni hajimeruyan! (It’s really starting!!)
This announcement is too sudden..! Even if I register for HikariTV now, I won’t be able to make it..!

Editors Note:
As being said in the attached Youtube video above, this konto would be the last for Tomochin and Mariko-sama, so they are giving their best to bring the funniest sotsugyou konto「卒業コント」for you, the fans!

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  1. cksdayoff says:

    hope to see a lot of Myao and Karen in this

    • novakayne27 says:

      yeah, i expect to see alot of the new gen in this series since the Senbatsu caliber members are always to busy… Now there is no excuse, its time for the new gen to “put up or shut up”, if they cant increase their popularity with this then its a lost cause for some of them (Kato Rena i’m talking to you lol)…

      But Karen should be a success in this series, this type of stuff is right up her alley… Im also predicting Kawaei and Juri to own this series as well, plus the old forgotten variety type members of the original Bimyo

      • cksdayoff says:

        Renacchi needs to open up a bit. She’s so image conscious and shy but she’s been around long enough to know that you get more fans and respect by not taking yourself too seriously and being able to make fun of yourself. She’s only 15 so she has a lot of time but it’s better for her to reinvent herself while she’s still a pup instead of 3 years down the road when it would be much harder for her to break free from that typical boring image

        • novakayne27 says:

          She needs to do something before she becomes the forgotten member of Anire, so much push and only 2 out of the 3 members embraced it…She just looks like she doesn’t care about this idol thing, its like a hobby or extracurricular activity she does in her spare time… Its only a matter of time before she becomes the next Kobayashi Kana or Nito Moeno, i like KK though so not tryna bash but she took to long to figure out wut was needed of her

  2. novakayne27 says:

    ITS ABOUT TIME!!!! Bimyo was arguably the best scripted AKB related program (Majisuka Gakuen 1&2 are prolly the best though) ever produced, that show had me dying with some of the skits and we finally have a true successor… AKB why must u try and tempt me back and steal me from my current obsession with HKT

    PS, Reinyan looks outrageously gorgeous in that blue dress, hope they bring back something like her controlling housewife skit she did with Sae

    • cksdayoff says:

      The Fighting Family was hilarious. Also the skit where Masuda Yuka kept hitting on Kuramochi, I died laughing. And then you had the attention whore Sasshi skit who kept looking into the camera. Yuko playing a very believable drunk old man was great as well.

      • novakayne27 says:

        That skit where Yuko and Umechan ate of the iron was hilarious, Ranran’s mirror skit and burglar skits were incredible too… But my favorites have to be the Food Chain skit with the school delinquents and the chicken coop when Yuihan kept sending the chickens after Minegishi and Mayu

  3. Mario San says:


  4. yukononiji says:

    oh boy! i’d seriously want some more honmayan skits… and also, i’d love to see yuppai again… x(