SNH48 won the Oriental Billboard Newcomer Award! (东方风云榜新人奖), release of SNH Theatre Memorial DVD and more

  May 7, 2014

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The Oriental Billboard Newcomer Award is a Chinese Chart for Chinese Artists that was in place since 1995, for SNH48 to win such a prize in its third year is a great success!

After the ceremony, SNH48 members Mo Han, Zhao JiaMin, Xu YanYu, Ju JingYi was interviewed by the media, expressing their gratitude and excitement on winning this prize.
Ju JingYi was so excited that she kissed Xu YanYu!

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The 32 members that were present went on stage and performed Koi Suru Fortune Cookie to their fans

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SNH48 will hold their first General Election this upcoming May.
This election will be done by fans voting, and will determine the lineup for the next single.

You can read the original news here

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SNH48 will release a DVD to commemorate all the unforgettable nights that the girls have spent with their fans in theater shows, it will include 3 DVDs, SNH48 Theater Show Photobook, SNH48 Theater Show Photo.

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1. The DVDs are: Team SII 1st Stage Saishuu Bell ga Naru, Team SII 2nd Stage Nagai Hikari and Team NII 1st Stage Theater no Megami.

2. First SNH48 Photobook, including every member that appeared in the theater’s photo, highlights of theater shows and bloopers.

3. These photos are specially designed as theater photos, which cannot be purchased by any other way, and taken specially from the live performance.