AKB48 TV Ads for “Ali-san Mark no Hikkoshisya”

  April 9, 2012

Ali = Ant
For some reason, the transportation company, which offers relocation service, has a name that can literary be translated “Relocation Service Company with the Mark of Mr.Ant!”. If me memory serves, this company is hailing from Osaka, where making things fanny and crazy has a supreme value. So naturally this TV Ad is gonna be so hilarious. Check out how the commercial ended up!!

1st Tomomi Itano
Hesitated to wear the same Ant costume as Rino Sashihara, then Rino praised Tomomi’s gorgeously decorated Ali costume like a crazy. Tomomi looked a little bit confused but finally she joined the crew in the glittery costume
2nd Yuki Kashiwagi
She wore the costume on her way to the filming studio, cheerfully said “Today I came here by train in this fashion!”. Then Rino said in a whisper “Dude! This guy is professional…”
3rd Yuko Ohima
Like Tomomi, she was hesitant to wear Ant costume, but the moment filming started, she instantly made her face and completed her role with perfection. Rino praised her “You are such an actress Yuko-san!!”