Love Prohibition Paper Exists In AKB

  April 22, 2012

From two channel and TV show “Osama no Blunch”

Yukirin “I wrote my sign on the paper swearing never to have love life while in AKB”



In 21th Apr on-air of “Ousama no Blanch” AKB members revealed surprising but everyone more or less expected fact.

Sasihara “But, there’s a thing called swearing paper (oath paper), and I wrote it. It reads ‘Don’t have relationship with both men and women'”
Kashiwagi “I put my Hanko (sign) on that paper.” !!!
Japanese fans (and of course chinese fans) immediately reacted to Yukirin’s comment. It seems this scene went along with a script since…. if someone reveals this, Yukirin is the most likely person, and cause tons of reaction from fans. It also funny this line started with Sashiko’s remark (which almost everybody don’t care… lol)
Fans comments may be interesting when you read with context! Here are some interesting part of my pick!

1. The point is it’s not a contract lol (I bet you this is a contract)

2. This is what I’ve been stating for a long time lol
They got noisy when I said there’s official paper to ban relationship or creating personal account violates contract.
Now you understand it completely, didn’t you?

3. That’s why they fire members after caught in sandal!

4. OMG is this crossing the line? \(^o^)/

5. This one is also risky!!!
6. lol
7. There weren’t such paper when Mai Oshima was in the group.
So when they started this thing?
After graduation of Erena Ono?

8. It’s maybe after the scandal of Ayaka Kikuchi they started speaking of love-ban
AKB48 Ayaka Kikuchi Fired Due To Scandalous Pri-Kura Shot
9. After the scandals of Yunezawa and Hirazima were revealed, the management made this swearing paper.
Everyone were unwilling to sign it though…
Once, Oshima stated firmly “I’ve never been said relationship is taboo.”

10. AkiP “It’s a casual rule”
      Men “We singed on swearing papers”
How come this can be casual!?!? Who are telling lie lol

11. When AkiP made that remark?
It must be before this Feb before they made this paper.

(AkiP’s remark is from August 2011 on-air of Exile Tamashii)

12. Because Itano (tomochin) was fairly surprised, I think they make this contract only with member after 1st gen.
13. from “Syukan Bunsyu”
Father of Men finally revealed ‘AKB48 is modern ‘Pathetic life of mill girls”
Testimony from a Father of a currnt member of AKB

・Last June, AKS requested all parents of AKB members to sign on the swearing paper. (I bet you this is a contract.) The paper says “Keep your best to never violate public order and standards of decency. Observe the direction from management and AKS. Personal show-biz act is forbidden, and if you break this, you have to accept any kinds of penalty. If members are under 20 or still in school, then their parents have all responsibilities for them.”

-> “We talked each other (with other members’ parents) ‘Even though my daughter doesn’t do anything wrong, we have to sign this paper because of other members.’

14. I’m worrying about Sae.
The photos she and Mocchi holding hands each other while they were walking outside were leaked!
It looked like their private.
(By the way forbitting relationship even between same gender will increase female fans of Sae, won’t it?)

15. Definitely! They do this to save Yukirin from Oppai-massage!! (lllllol)

16. It’s a matter of time Itano and Yuko will be purged!!

17. Especially Yuko, she is over lol

18. >4 One way love is Okay isnit? Mayuyu obviously didn’t want to take that kiss!

19. I think this rule is infringing our constitution?

20. 19> Case by case. Everything depends on individual case.

21. In the video Maiko obviously want to throw the ball at Sae lol

22. Don’t pick fallen women like Yuko. Nobody think she is an idol!

23. Are you a noob? It’s too common that members have to sign a paper which has tons of rules and legal mambo jumbo…

25. By the way I heard Chuu is also a girlfriend of Sae… Maybe this case is Sae approached her….
I am worrying about Sae… or AkiP is making a grin that he can finally shoot down Yuko?
Like “Don’t let Yuko take over AKB!!!” lol

26. >21 Mariko wanted to say Sae and Yukirin are in relationship!!

27. I think those this rule is violating law or constitution are crackheads.
It’s just saying if you break a rule and have a relationship, you get fired.
If you want, just graduate the group.

28. Of course this paper is legally valid.
But ban on “relationship” has a broad meaning, and can’t get concrete idea what are exactly not ok and what are ok.

29. This rule only takes effect on non-star members. tar-members are money making products and they never let them go! Actually Yuko and Acchan long want to leave the group (mainly because their management is so powerful that they can do fine without AKB.)

30. That’s why Sae and Chuu ware rejected from Media-Senbatsu for Manatsu no Sounds Good!…

31. How about Yuko and Kojiharu???

32. Maybe Yuko told management that if they gave her penalty she would leave…

33. I think most people want Yuko to graduate the group…

34. Don’t you know the relationship of Yuko and Wentz Eiji??? Yuko is an exception (so is Tomochin)

35. How they ban relationship when they encourage or try to pretend never noticing selling body to industry executives??

36. Are you talking about Okaro?

37. It’s ok as long as Mayuyu will always be our old Mayuyu….