Tomomi Kasai Never Stops Getting Cuter

  April 14, 2012

Obviously whenever new thread on Tomomi Kasai emerges, there always are comments that she looks like Gorilla or Ape. Personally I think some Apes are really cute, so it’s rather compliments for her. (and her fans embrace those gorilla association! like “yes she looks like gorilla and I love Gori-Tomo~mi!”)

By the way speaking of Gorilla, it’s almost a nickname for one member of the pop group Perfume.

Guess who is called Gorilla by some people? Yes, it’s A~chan (center in above, right in below). But while A~chan displays Oriental beauty and cuteness, Tomo~mi is rather sexy. See her Ahiru-like lips, beautiful curve!

But what I really wanted to say here is I burst into into laughter when I saw fan thread dedicated to her is gradually becoming Rena Matsui and Yuko Oshima’s fan thread… But from the beginning of the thread everyone already reached the consensus that Yukirin is the best and the sexist… Yeah competition is very fierce since AKB already has the sexiest girls in Japan.
But the real story is that someone out of blue posted photos of cute cat and put a comment, which says “If she was in the general election, nobody could beat her, I’m sure.”

Everybody ignored him but definitely this photo was the highlight of the thread (for Tomomi Kasai fans…)