Sequel of ‘Bimyo~’, AKB’s Gachi Chare will start airing from June 29

  June 25, 2012

New TV show AKB’s Gachi Chare will start airing from June 29

AKB48’s new TV show “Hikari TV presents Bimyo~na Tobira, AKB48 no Gachi Chare” will start airing from June 29 (Fri), 23:00 exclusively on Hikari TV.

AKB48 no Gachi Chare will be aired on every Friday from 23:00 on Hikari TV (only available those who have subscribed Hikari-net service provided by NTT east or west.)

This show is the sequel of AAKB’s short comedy skit TV show “Bimyo~” in which AKB48 members challenged the genre in a professional manner for the first time. This time, the show takes “Documentary Variety” style, in which members discover their hidden possibilities as they are taking on grueling challenge. In every episode, 2 members are given a difficult task respectively, and the show follows from their training process to the actual challenge in Documentary style.

Takahashi Minami and Iwasa Misaki will make appearances in the 1st episode of the show. Takahashi is given a task “Remember all 24 members of JKT48 in one hour” as she boasts “For those who serves as a captain, remember all members names are prerequisite.”. When she heard this, she immediately shouted “This is absolutely impossible!!!”. Even though she is confident with her memory, she looked quite unsure if she can remember names of JKT48 members which have completely different sounds compared to Japanaese names. Until just before the final challenge she was calling out JKT48 members names….. how her challenge will be unfold?????

 Iwasa Misaki, who raked in 33th in the election while she has been called “Ditz” among members, takes on “3,333 Domino Toppling” challenge. Though she started the challenge with light mind, gradually she has come to have a firm determination, “I’ll never let them call me Ditz!!” by succeeding this challenge which requires discretion and hand dexterity. Her serious attitude, as she concentrated on the task so much that she hadn’t taken break during the filming which lasted for 8 hours, brought the sense of unity among the filming staffs. Will Iwasa-san succeed in the challenge and remove the label of “Ditz”???

The program offers a system viewers can forecast the result of AKB48 members challenge. Viewers make a guess whether they will “Succeed” or “Fail” and cast their vote through “Hikari TV x AKB48” special website. The website is accepting your votes for the 1st episode from today, 25th to 29th 17:00. Those who made a correct guess will be presented the original wallpaper of the show.

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Uhmm I have a mixed feeling about this……
What the heck???? So they don’t do comedy skit????

It’s kind like a combination of Gachi-Gase and Numousu/Kami TV……”

Uhmmmm absolutely I would be happier if they continue comedy show…..
It looks like the budget is drastically reduced…

LOL So this is basically Challenge the AKB (in Shukan AKB)….
Suddenly it has become a cheap budget show….

By the way it will start from 29th???/ It’s too late to announce!!

Handshake event report….

 I only watched the first round of A-1 Grand Prix, but anyway, Ohya, Akimoto and Lovetan’s presence and Naana’s bold remark were so funny.

Naana Akimoto-san…. I have a thing that I want to tell you……”

Okaro “Uh?? What what what??”

Naana “Damn Akimoto!!! Because you are completely being Gorilla when we perform UhhoUhhoho in Reset stage, no matter how much I make an effort, people make fun of me saying that I’m like baby-Gorilla!!!!!”

Iziry Okada (MC) “E!!! Naana-chan, is it okay to say such a thing to your seniors??? lol”

Okaro “Hell Fujita!!! When it was decided that RESET Stage includes this song and even before my position hadn’t been determined, I was told from various kind of people that, “Sayaka-chan, congratulation!!! You will surely play a center for this song!!” Can you understand how I feel when I was being told this!?!?!?! I shoulders the fate of this song!!!!!!!!”

Naana “I… I’m sorry lol”

Yuukosu CRIES because she forgot to save POKEMON!!!

Kodama Haruka on G+
After the show….
Yuukosu is weeping so hard(。´□`)


She bought Pokemon game the day before yesterday, and has come to the halfway point of the game. But she forgot to save before turning off the power, and cried, “I need to start all over~~~~” in the morning…..

I’m afraid she did it again!?!?

Yes….. she again forgot to save it before she turned off the power…..

Poor Yuukosu….

Kodama Haruka  “Seriously crying….. she is still crying….. She said she is competing against her friend….. and her friend has already got 6 badges…. Yuukosu!! Fight!!
Murashige Anna  “It’s so nice that she is cute even when she is crying!!”

Miyawaki Sakura  Yuukosu was so cute\(^^)/”

Kodama Haruka  Yuukosu’s Gugutasu….. she said she is now playing hide and seek…..”

48 groups biggest incidents in 2012

1st Sugamoto forgot to save Pokemon
2nd Maeda Atsuko’s graduation
3rd Harugon changed her nickname
4th Sashihara scandal

It’s funny to see the oldest member is being comforted by younger members….

LOL How much she loves Pokemon!!!

She can stack up to Churi who can cry to Pokemon movie…..

So she didn’t save Pokemon even once until she came to the halfway point!?!?!?

LOL That’s unbelievable….

By the way, Yuko goes school, plays Pokemon, takes lessons and join Stages…. when she sleeps?!?!

 It’s actually amazing!!
As a gamer, I can understand her feeling that want to use as long time as possible for gaming.

If she were my girlfriend, I would want to erase her Pokemon data everyday… lol