AKB Murder case – Takamina and Miichan make testimonies!

  June 25, 2012
From Mantan web,

It’s announced Ezaki Grico features members of AKB48 in it’s new commercial for Aisu no Mi. The  story of the commercial revolves around the murder of one member, where all members are considered  suspects.

The idea of the story is from Akimoto Yasushi, and originally written by Aoyama Gousho, a famous Mangaka for the popular comic series great detective Conan. It will be serialized in print on Weekly Sunday from July 4 issue.
Members visited the foreign residence found dead body of team 4 member Katoh Rena. While other members were in a state of shock, our detective Maeda Atsuko appeared in a detective suits, said “Leave this to me.” in a poised voice.
From the message left by Renacchi and a mysterious code left in her cell phone, which says “23K.24AB”, Acchan figured out that, “Suspects are…. all 89 members of AKB48!! (including Sashiko).”
The commercial consists of 5 installments which will start with the first one  titled “AKB Murder Case Flie-1” starts airing from 25th June.
The filming is conducted without letting members know who is a true culprit so that they can have real suspicious expressions like.
Because of this, members were hooked on talking about who is the killer even during the breaks in between the filming session. They gathered around Renacchi, who couldn’t (allowed to) move because she plays a role of dead body, saying “So Renacchi was beaten to death?”, “No way her dying message is “N”.” They said  they really enjoyed being detectives on their own.
Ezaki will introduce a testimony video of each member, and hints to solve the case on it’s website, and pre-release the commercial from 19th.

Tomochin  “So, Acchan? What will you do after graduating AKB?”
Acchan  “Actually….”
Sashiko  “Huhhhh!!!”
Mariko  “What? What?” “She is dead!! I can’t believe this is true!!?”
Acchan  “Let me solve this case! The victim is Kato Rena. She was beaten to death during the filming of the commercial. Left clues are the letter “N” and the mysterious code (23K.24AB). Who was at the site ?”
Takamina  “No one except members.)”
Acchan  “Suspects are… all 89 members of AKB48!”
Yuko  “But you are not included.”
Miichan  “And the victim!!”
Acchan  “Minus two!!”
Members  “She revised….”
Acchan  “Will the mystery be solved, or will ice pops be melted up? Aisu no Mi!!”

Takamina “I honestly think Mariko-sama is suspicious. because the killer hit KatoRena’s head, who is 158cm high, so she must be tall. So I hadn’t done it!! Yes, my height is…. Uh?? 148cm??? No no no, I’m 148.5cm tall. Please remember this number, this is so important.”

Miichan “I know who is the criminal. The criminal is that attention seeker Kenkyusei (trainee). Because I’m original member, I’ve never been Kenkyusei. But if I were Kenkyusei, I would think like this, “If she were not here (in AKB48), I could get front position more…” So among Kenkyusei, those who do Under of Renacchi are…. Okay I won’t say anymore.”