Singer GILLE making online buzz with her English Cover of AKB48’s song ”Flying Get”

  July 17, 2012

Currently one girl by the name of GILLE is making online buzz.
She uploaded English cover of AKB48’s song “Flying Get” on her YouTube channel.

This English cover that can rival or even surpass the original song by AKB48 has now captured hearts of a lot of people around the world.

▼This is “Flying Get” sung by GILLE
▼And this is “Flying Get” sung by AKB48

She is on the twitter and facebook, and according to her tweet, she will release her debut album “I AM GILLE” tomorrow on 18th which contains not only Flying Get (No.1) but also Ponytail to Chuchu in it’s bonus track.

Bonus track, “Ponytail and Chouchou” (Original by AKB48) available on this release!!!!

— GILLEsound (@GILLEsound) July 16, 2012

▼And this is “Ponytail to Chuchu” sung by AKB48