SKE starring Drama, ”Gakko no Kaidan (School Ghost Story)” will start from July 20

  July 14, 2012

Members of SKE to star Gakko no Kaidan, the Drama series that will be  released on beeTV and dマーケットビデオ.

And a trailer of this Drama was aired  at handshake event today.

Thanks, so the filming that they were talking about in the end of May was for this Drama….

Because I’m not using Docomo’s phones, I can’t watch this. That’s it.

BeeTV is run by Avex Broadcasting and Communication (エイベックス通信放送) joint venture of Avex Entertainment and NTT Docomo. It delivers videos exclusively to Docomo’s mobile phones and smart phones.

I love low-budget Dramas or shows like ones on beeTV~

How long will it take that SKE finally reaches the ground wave……

Trailer: “Gakko no Kaidan”

This is actually quite promising Drama, isn’t this?

No…. this is a serious horror……..

Even though she was in this trailer only for a moment, Yurina’s acting was standing out…..

This is awesome!!
By the way, the nurse in the last part of the video is Sawako?

I think the girl dressed in Kimono (0:19~) is Sawako, what do you think??

Churi made me cracked up….. What a ham acting when she is shaking her hands lol

Why only on beeTV!?!? What a waste of SKE….

Gakko no Kaidan to make a comeback after 11 years

After shook hands with “Ghost”, Matsui Jurina said, “When I saw her up close, she was scary as I expected. But because I felt a warmth of human skin, I got somehow relieved. lol”
Story-tellers of this Drama are Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena. Total 15 episodes of omnibus will consists of 11 of SKE members.

Matusi Rena shaking hands with Ghost Nurse
Matsui Jurina shaking hands with Ghost

Masana~~~~~ So scary~~~~

When Rena plays repressed scenes with her eyes downcast, her acting is awesome…….
Kuumin’s skillful move of her eyes is also standing out.

Now I’m at handshake event!! There is a mini exhibition space and we can see stage properties and  photos .

And this panel shows who will play a star tole of each episode.

Okay, so of all 15 episodes, Gomachan, Yuria, Kanon, Katsuo, Da~Su~, Churi, Shawako, Manatsu, Mikityi, Manatsu, Kuumin etc. will play protagonists of each episode, and Jurina and Rena are story-tellers. 

Members like Masana and Sawako are really good fit for this Drama.

And what these 2 girls have in common is their beauty and fair skin.

↑ Chaos lol