Kobayashi Yoshinori shares his impression from talking with Sashihara Rino for 意気地なしマスカレード

  September 29, 2012

A little while ago, Sashihara Rino shared her impresson on the dialogue with Kobayashi Yoshinori.

On the same day, several fans witnessed Sashihara and Kobayashi Yoshinori at Ramen stall in Hakata. Now that the official information revealed that the bonus footage for Type-C is a dialogue with Yoshinori at the Nagamana Ramen Stall, it's obvious Sashihara was talking about the filming of this “eccentric” scene.

Sashihara Rino 9/21

It was so interesting! I think it must be such an eccentric scene if you ask me. It's actually the first time for me that and people told me “This is so eccentric!!” LOL Please looking forward to it!!


Yoshirin calls her Sashihara as if he suddenly realized that calling her Sashiko may not make him look Anti enough…. LOL

Anyway, what he is trying to say is BUY TYPE-C GUYS!! AND YOU MUST LISTEN TO NICO NICO LIVE BROADCAST coz it will make the bonus footage far more interesting!!



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  1. cryt says:

    Type-A sales will reflect ironic Sashi Antis/Kawaei Fans, Theatre Ver. for Sassy oshimen, Type-B for Sashi fans of the silver costume, and Type-C sales will reflect Yoshinori fans.

    Aki-P likes to pull competitive sales stunt with Sashihara’s singles, like how her solo debut was released at the same time as Nogizaka46’s single. Publicity and speculation on sales breakdown to make people compete and buy more of a certain version and raise Sashihara’s profile = brilliant marketing strategy