Kobayashi Yoshinori: ”I want to adopt HKT48 Murashige Anna”

  July 7, 2012
Motomura Aoi, Murashige Anna, Miyawaki Sakura

So it seems that some people on online communities are opposing to Sashiko playing a center of HKT.
As far as I could see, she sure sometimes played a center, but also sometimes dancing on the far edge of the stage, or positioned in a little behind from front row members.
Considered the fact there’re many fans who came all the way to Fukuoka from other parts of Japan, I think they managed this in a fairly balanced way.
But as you see, Sashiko looked a bit reserved, and that’s why I felt frustrated in some sense. She is scared of bashing from people. And that pretty much explains why she is called Hetare.
Of course we all know among members who broke the love prohibition rule, some were overlooked, while some were fired or demoted.
But youngsters, this is a word comes from me, who are approaching 60 now, “There’s no perfect fairness in the society.”
I believe that idols need to be under the love prohibition rule, so for the time being, I am Anti Sashihara, but I don’t want to be a kind of man who persistently complains about misbehavior of young people.
What I expect from Sashihara is to make a kingdom in Hakata, if possible, and grow her team to the point where they can threaten AKB48.
I rather want her not to care much about bashings from Anti, and become a defiant villain.
I hope that she will become a shield for Kodama Haruka and Sugamoto Yuko and help them grow, while doing a villain role with Murashige Anna.
If she would do this, I would be all for her.
Murashige Anna-chan is so charming…. From the start, she is completely bold enough to confront Sashiko and do one on one mic battle.
She is so cute…. I want to adopt her….
I want Sashiko to become Hetare villain. Currently, the forefront of the opposition forces to AKB is SKE, They are a tremendous group.
They would even put an end to AKB’s era and starts their own era.
I think I gotta stir up team 4… maybe I should go to watch their Stage performance again?
But looking at HKT, the team that has been created a little less than a year ago, now Kodama Haruka and Sugamoto Yuko has started exuding tremendous aura…..!!!
There also are other members who give me an impression that they will surely grow up to be outstanding beauties.
There is also KKS, a rough diamond that Mr.Akimoto spotted recently in the audition.
So I’m sure enough that HKT will some day come into power.
Sashiko’s role is to become a villain and with her outstanding ability to produce idols, lead HKT to conquer this nation.
What’s wrong with this Hetare who cries easily to beceom a villain??

This old man begin to reach enlightenment… lol

This is the state of normal operation of Yohirin.

He is so pumped up!!

Maybe it’s about time that even HKT Ota started realizing how this old man is dangerous lol

I feel so awkward….

So it turned out that he is completely Lolicon. (Yoshirin is widely know to be Miorin Ota)
Thank you much….

He was and still is an enemy of PTA… lol

He used to be an ally of children… what made him became like this…..(stunned)

Maybe now he is on the most fan stage of his life as Ota where he can’t help but have a roving.

Yoshirin…. he’s so funny and he actually makes a point.

Honestly who would get shocked the most is not Murashige herself but her parents, I think…

Hey you guys, whenever this old man butts in things,
he surely bring some troubles!! Do you understand this?
Sooner than later he will start to make nonsensical remarks neither from a viewpoint of Ota nor Anti…. and would mess up public opinions on AKB.

He used to making nonsensical remark neither from a viewpoint of nationalist nor communist, and…… maybe I should say at one point he was favored by both parties, but ended up being slammed by both lol

But youngsters, this is a word comes from me, who are approaching 60 now, “There’s no perfect fairness in the society.”
I think you guys had better keep this word in your heart.

And Yohirin is, after all, have an good eye for idols than Yasusu.
I honestly also want to adopt members like Miyawaki, Kodama, Moriyasu and Taniguchi (all HKT).

His Adopted daughter (left)

I think she looks like Fresh Lemon when she was being a child actor.

Though she is not my Oshi, for some reason, I don’t want to let him touch Miyawaki…
It feels so awkward even when 30 year old guy enthusiastically talk about idols, how do I take this that the guy in his late 50’s talk about idols with utmost enthusiasm….
On the contrary, there’s a thing that those who are approaching their 60 and have come to the point where they don’t have anything to be scared of, can talk more passionately thant us, young people.
I actually like this man.
He is enjoying his Ota life to the fullest without shutting himself away from the society, and I kinda feel good to see people who enjoy their lives like him.
When you become old, you reach a kind of philosophical state where you don’t want to make a fuss about things like scandals, the complicated situation of the world of Show-Biz or unfairness.
He has a wife and money, and he is good friends with Yasusu. How awesome his Ota life is!!
I think this man sometimes make really good points when it comes to 48 groups.
I don’t mean his line “I want to adopt ….”, by the way.

I hope Yoshirin produce an idol group by himself.