AKB’s biggest stakeholder Kyoraku to release AKB48 Pachinko Machine

  July 7, 2012

Attention please!! This is the latest model of Kyoraku-sama!! (Related post: AKB’s private event for their largest sponsor, Pachinko company Kyoraku)

CR Pachinko AKB48!!

The announcement and exhibition of this new product will be held at Yokohama Arena at noon on July 12.

There’s surprising news!! This event will start with a live performance of AKB48!!
It’s rumored that all of AKB’s Senbatsu members will join the performance!!



They’ve finally fallen to the dark side….

They’ve finally released…..

They are getting darker and darker….
Getting too popular in this business doesn’t always do good for them.

Wait, we’ve already heard of this news.

Nation’s idol?
“So okay everybody~~~ Let’s play Pachinko!!”

Basically AKS is something like a subsidiary of Kyoraku.

They are still involved with the Pachinko industry when they are at the peak of their popularity…?
Yeah but they proved in their previous campaign for this company that they can be a great PR face.
But you know, it’s a bit problematic this time, because Pachinko Machine has pictures of AKB members on it for the first time.

Morning Musume did a similar thing at the end of their peak.

I hope Sankyo will release an AKB0048 version of Pachinko Machine.

Who wants to play with an AKB48 themed Pachinko Machine!?!?
I don’t think that there are that many people who like both AKB48 and Pachinko.

I think they will incorporate the Anime into the real movie….?
So they will go the same direction as Hamazaki did several years ago.

I think this will bring tons of new customers, of course most of them are young AKB Ota, for Pachinko industry.

So why does AKB want to work with Pachinko Company? Because it can bring tons of money.
The filming may end within 3 days.

And Kyoraku invested tons of money even before AKB became that big.
So I don’t think it’s good for your mental health that you have phobia about Pachinko industry.

I somehow want then to cut their connection with Pachinko…
But is it possible?
What in the world is this “National icon” thing they are doing? Pachinko? It’s a joke, isn’t it?
I hate this.

So that’s the reason why they released AKB Anime….
I was actually wondering why they are doing this Anime which will surely end in failure.
But now it turned out that they are planned to scoop money from tie-up with this Pachinko company.

Maybe the pattern will be like this.
1. Kojima
2. Watanabe
3. Oshima
4. Minegishi
5. Shinoda
6. Sashihara
7. Maeda
8. Kashiwagi
9. Itano

I’m sure that Takamina will be included.
All members who are over 18 and not students will have a chance to appear.

I think 3, 5, and 7 would be Takahashi, Oshima and Maeda.

↑x3 I guess Maeda will be out and Watanabe will fill the vacant position of Maeda.

↑ This Pachinko machine was produced over a year ago, so I’m sure that Maeda is included.

Uhmmmm I guess 1 would be Watanabe and 9 is Shinoda, but…. maybe they won’t put members on numbers?

I think it will be like this:
1. Kojima
2. Akimoto Sayaka
3. Oshima
4. Minegishi
5. Takahashi
6. Sashihara
7. Maeda
8. Kasai
9. Shinoda
A. Itano
K. Watanabe
B. Kashiwagi

Uh? Will they put members names on AKB letters?
And, I think they will do something special for 4 and 8.

Wait. Kasai, Sayaka and Jurina are not Pachinko Senbatsu.
So it’s gonna be like this.
1. Kojima
2. Yokoyama Yui
3. Oshima
4. Minegishi
5. Takahashi
6. Sashihara
7. Maeda
8. Kitahara
9. Shinoda
A. Itano
K. Watanabe
B. Kashiwagi

LOL Why does Sashihara deserve a spot in this?
I think her position should be replaced with Sae or Kitahara.

But this machine was completed long before her demotion.
So we can’t deny that she will show up.

Unfortunately Sashihara is probably included in this AKB48 Pachinko machine.
It’s not that easy to change the design just for her,
and they need to go through official screening for commercial use.

Yukirin: “While you are asleep….”

||| ||| |||

Yukirin: “Or when you are awake….”

7 ||| |||

Yukirin: “You’re in Yukirin world!!”

7 ||| 7

Yukirin: “……….”

7 7 7 カキーン

Yukirin: “‘Yukirin world’ will make you go crazy…”

Let’s gather up undertakers in 20 seconds!!
Shinobu: “Let me eat-”
Togasaki “Let me do diet-”
Inoue “Let me compose songs-”
Yasusu “Let me do Gugutasu-”

They finally will release this one!!
It’s gonna make me ecstatic as I’m crazy about Pachinko and Slot!!
I actually have a plenty of money because I won huge last month!!
I use my paid holidays and put all of my money into it and WIN!!!!