Sudo Genki The World Order To Release 2nd Album 20th June

  April 5, 2012

The dance group “World Order” headed by Sudo Genki announced that their 2nd album will be released on 20th June.

The album is titled “2012 twenty twelve”. This is their first release in these 2 years after the release of their first album “World Order”. The package has 2 versions, BlueRay+CD and DVD+CD. Both Blue-Ray and DVD will have Youtubes favorite numbers “2012” and “Machine Civilization”, as well as 5 PVs of yet-released songs.
Headed by Sudo Genki, a former MMA fighter, World Order has displayed it’s unique dance music harmonized with athletic dance performance using the best out of their outstanding physical ability. They made appearance at famous Japanese TV shows such as Kin-Suma, Tokudane!, and SMAPxSMAP, as well as Opening Stage Act at Worldwide Partner Conference hosted by Microsoft held in L.A. They have gained a wide range of fan base mainly in North America, South America and Euro zone, but are getting increasingly popular also in East Asia.
Please support this truly awesome group!!
World Order’s 2nd album “2012” is on sale 20 June at 3,900 yen for DVD+CD package and 4,935yen for BlueRay+CD package.