Saeed Yokota Erena to resign from Kenkyusei of AKB48

  September 24, 2012

Saeed chan…..(´;ω;`)

Why now? She joined the Janken Tournament just normally…… orz

She has been wanting to resign from the group for quite some time, but management didn't let her leave the group until the Oympics and Janken tournament……, perhaps??? Man, I don't want this to be real….

She was such a cute girl, kinda like Pekochan…

Why…. She was just normally performing the Stage at Nagoya dome yesterday….

She has wanted to resign for a long time.

Probably it was tough to keep motivated while her peers of the same generation have been promoted one after another…..

I wish her the best luck in her next field…

Because now that new teams will have more than 16 members, which means Kenkyusei will have less chance to perform as Under,

Besides, Ariyoshi Kyowakoku, the rare TV show that gives chance to Kenkyusei to make TV appearances has virtually ended,

It's really tough on the Kenkyusei that were not promoted in the 2nd Reformation…

I often saw her performing “Arashi no Yoru” and “Candy” as Under in team B's stage….

Though she is not my Oshi, this hurts me a lot…
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She used to be Oshi of management…..

Right after her debut, she performed Miniskirt no Yousei at Seibu Dome concert…..

Probably last year's Kohaku was the biggest turning point for her….

And she couldn't make it this year….

And now she may have less chance to be promoted within this year as all big events for this year ended already…

It hurts to see members who joined AKB48 later leave the group before their seniors….

Especially she leaves because she wants to focus on her studies, and did nothing wrong…

Shocked….. This is the most shocking and hurting of all of the withdrawals of the Kenkyusei…

It's such a waste to give up an outstanding talent like her…

Best luck for your entrance exam (´;ω;`)

This is totally the most painful of all withdrawals this year…

She might have used up all energy in the Janken Tournament…?

Her opponent may feel so sorry for her… (Takajo AKi)

She is the 2nd member of 12gen to have withdrawn from AKB48…

Looking at these members line-ups…. I think 12gen have a full of interesting talents…


They must promote Hirata Rina, Sasaki Yukari and Omori Miyu as soon as possible!!

Honestly  Kenkyusei who haven't been promoted in the 2nd Reformation are feeling so much more pressure than we could ever imagine…..

Especially the three members of 12th generation….




  1. Mario Medves says:

    Starting the week with this news…why…..
    Btw i want her studies going better than her kks life.

  2. Abdul Aziz says:

    why my number one kks have to graduate at this time?
    goodluck for the future, Erena :’)

    hope we can meet next time :’)

  3. Tubatime1010 says:

    They need to get Hirata Rina promoted and FAST. If that girl goes it will be a sad day.

  4. Kirito says:

    AAAAHHHH why do members keep graduating why T_T this year is just messed ….