Saruoba starts introducing 14gen members on Gugutasu and 2 more!!!

  September 11, 2012
Nishiyama Kyoko 12:49am 9/11

Today’s AKB48 theater was “Boku no Taiyo” Stage \(^o^)/
For today’s theater, Tomu, Ryoka-chan + 12~14gen KKS were dancing and singing as if the stage of AKB48 theater was too small for their overflowing energy!!^^;

Because 14gen members made their debut in Stage performance (not just pre-show act but actually performed the setlist),
I’ll introduce 14gen members one by one to you(^_-)

Today I’ll introduce Uchiyama Natsuki-chan (内山奈月) to you.

She is called “Nattun” or “Nacchan” in her school.

Q. Can you introduce yourself in one word?

She will turn 17 on Sep 25. A high school junior.
She is the oldest among 14gen members, but

“I can give it everything even if it’s tough. Because Happy things, pleasant things are ahead of those tough moments (^_^)b”
I had an impression since the audition that it seems she is not good at remembering choreography.
But she is constantly stepping up, making thing she used to be unable to do something she can do. “Don’t rush, don’t be in too hurry, don’T give up”

On AKB official mobile site, we’ll ask you to send your idea about her nickname \(^o^)
It will up soon, so please wait for a little while(^_-)


She is called “Nattun” or “Nacchan” at her school….

Jonishi Kei 12:08pm 9/11

Kanako (Kadowaki Kanako) and me 2 years ago!!
I found this while I was reading past blog posts!!

Don’t you think I have a bit longer bang for me??

Kadowaki Kanako 12:03pm


Finally I fond you. Couldn’t imagine you’re here…..!!

Jonishi Kei 12:06

I’m Dobby!!!!


Nakatsuka tomomi 12:57 9/11

For this week’s Weekly Playboy, I will cook Cheese Senbei (Cheese Rice Cookie).

It’s more like snack that you may want to eat when you drink beer rather than sweets lol
So you can easily make it even if you’re poor at cooking~! (OR even if you don’t like sweets?)

I cook foods every time myself for this column for Playboy magazine!!! (She is a captain of AKB Cooking Club)
I joined the photo shoot for the column for AKB Cooking Club on Playboy magazine!! It’s fun!!


The first photo looks so Professional….. 

Maybe she was taken photos for Gugutasu by professional cameraman at the photo shoot?

It looks like they filmed this in a Cooking Studio?

God…. She looks godly beautiful….. And she can cook!? I want her to marry me…..