NMB48 Fukumoto Aina, interview on her first full marathon as a charity runner at Osaka Marathon

  October 6, 2012

The 2nd Osaka Marathon, the event where total 30,000 runners run together on streets of Western city Osaka, will be held on Nov 25. As runners are racking up training to beat their set goal, we conducted the interview to NMB48 member, Fukumoto Aina, who will join the running event as a Charity Runner to call for charity to wider audiences. The 2nd Osaka Marathon is going to be the first full marathon for her.

Fukumoto Aina (19): Born in Nara. Original member of NMB48, the idol group based in Namba, Osaka. She has a lot of sports experiences including Swimming, Volley Ball, Soft Tennis, and is the most athletically coordinated member of NMB48.


Everyone, Let's Run Together


-May I ask you how you've prepared for your first full marathon, and your state of mind now that the event is only 50 days away?

“I've started training in August. I've tried to run whenever I have a free time and be able to run. I've been running 5km each day, exercise the abdominal and back muscles, sometimes doing push ups, and do stretching after I took a bath. I love sports, but because this is the first time ever I run the full marathon, I've no idea what it will be like. But as I've been racking up training, my nervousness has been gradually changing to a joy of running. I heard I'd better run 20 km at a stretch at least once before running the full marathon. Because the event is approaching, I think I need to train more concentratedly”
-We've heard you've decided your wear and shoes in August.

“There're many running items that have elaborated design and color. After I invested a lot of time to decide which one to buy at the Mizuno store in Yodoyabashi, Osaka,I've made a choice to buy the one which has a color combination of Pink and Black. Though I rarely wear cloths that have pink color, it's my favorite color. It makes you high to wear your favorite items for the practice and feel like running.”


  1. I didn’t know Ainyan is that athletic O__O

  2. El Bicho Loco says:

    “and there were reasons for each sports I’ve done. Swimming was to gain stamina and tennis was because I wanted to wear a uniform”

    And I thought she would say somethin’ like “I wanted to improve my reflexes” or sumthing when she started mentioning “tenis” but no, it was for the uniform. lol That’s was deep girl, you caught me with my pants down. Love this girl.