Touching episode of AKB48’s Charity Activity in Tohoku and 2 more about Takamina and Momoka

  October 9, 2012
Kinoshita Momoka

Before and After!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ishizuka Akari

You look so cute♥

Kinoshita Momoka

I cut my hair!!!!!!!!!!!! HUhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Because I heard it’s like a helmet, I thought it’s more weird~!

↑I think if she doesn’t do anything with her hair, it may look like a helmet.

Quite honestly, this hairstyle really suits her.

Kinda like Yuria + Mayuyu.

Anyway, this hairstyle surprisingly suits her well.

Tanabe Miku

Momoka with her new short hair is my TYPE!

That’s it lol


Kinoshita Momoka


You’re sooooooo CutttteeeeeeEEEEE!!!


Oh no, Momoka shouldn’t have her hair short!!

She’s become too handsome!!!

She will be very popular among NMB girls….

5 members left comments on her post in 10 minutes lol

Yamamoto Sayaka

Whoa! Really??
Shinohara Kanna

It suits you so much!

Hikawa Ayame


Kotani Riho

It really suits you!

Nakaya Sayaka



Kotani Riho

Hi this is Ripopo!

Everyone has been getting handsome.

I want to be handsome, too!!

People call only Momoka, Sayaka, Airi and Arii, Handsome,

But I’m jealous!!!

Mita Mao

You’re handsome, too, Ripopo-san!

Yo handsome man!!

Yamamoto Sayaka



I’ve been worried about her as there’d been a rumor that Momoka might graduate, too.

If it’s possible, I want them to hold a concurrent position in AKB48 and let her have a plenty time with Tanamin and Nakayan…


Hi Hhehhehhe(・ω・)

hi hhehhehhe

hi hhehhehhe

General manager is completely being a drunk middle aged man lol

Their conversation is so funny lol

Does Takamina actually laugh like this? lol

Seriously, Tomochin loves Takamina so much lol

hi hhehhehhe…. I can easily reproduce this in my head lol

What I love about this is she wrote not T or M for Takamina but G (〃ω〃)

Tomochin sounds like Takamina’s girlfriend lol

I thought who the hell came up with this sound of laughing of Takamina,

Then I found it’s TOmochin LOL

Thank you~ Tomochin!!!


※This is the story of 8 months ago when Kiba visited AKB’s handhake event and is a different occasion from this one

Kiba-san was held back by Ponkotsu Kitagawa…

They should hold Kitagawa Matsuri after Saruobasan Matsuri…