There is a parody source of the episode about Takamina and Kanota in 9th episode of 0048 (and 2other topics on Juryoku Sympathy and Acchan’s animal Kingdom)

  July 13, 2012

There is a parody source of the episode about Takamina and Kanota in 9th episode of Anime0048.

Director Kawamori: “One member who were supposed to perform on a stage suddenly got sick and another member who suddenly asked to play her Under briskly run through dance routine and songs, wore costume, waiting for the show to start. Then the member who got sick right before the show returned back and said, ‘Take off you costume.’” 

So this is also a parody!!!

So who is this member?

I think cases like this depends on timing.
If she is supposed to perform the stage when fans booked the tickets, and she suspended the performance for being in bad condition after they closed the application, I don’t think it’s bad of her to cancel her suspension right before the show to show herself up to fans who bought ticktes to see her on a stage.

Sense of crisis that you’ll never know when you’re replaced by other member and guts and tenacity of a regular member.
This is truly not cool, but so cool.

I think it’s how you say it.
At least she could say “thank you” or somthing…

↑But we don’t know whether or not  she actually said it, right?
I think even if she said thank you, the other girl would get hurt.
Though not saying it would hurt even more….

TV News gave a sneak preview of Juryoku Sympathy

Juryoku Sympathy

So I truly understand these members are ridiculously busy,
But….. I would say, “You practiced choreo a couple of hours before the show for the first time!!” lol

After all, this kind of royal road like costumes are the best.

This is unexpectedly a nice song lol意外にいい曲じゃねーかw
The costume really suits Rena…. cute…

Atsugorou Kingdom is astounding as always

*Atsugorou = Atsuko + Mutsugorou

Assan’s home is in an extreme state…

It looks like stinky…

Full of animals….