YuiSaya – Yokoyama Yui and Yamamoto Sayaka and 2 more about GREE and Paruru

  October 5, 2012

Can you tell whose back is this?

Yamamoto Sayaka 10/5 17:42

I'm dolling myself up(。・ω・)ノ


Probably it's Shinoda?


The man in the right looks he's extorting money from Sayanee lol

It's not a stylist but Yuihan….lol

It's nice to see Sayanee and Yuihan getting along with each other, such as in the Gravure of Spirit, but I hope they revamps the activity of AKB light music club…

LOL Even Yuihan is emulating Kuidaore Ningyo~ I love it!

Sayanee and Yuko are kind of like Geniuses. They looks the best when they perform in the front row.

Takahashi and Yokoyama are the members who can sacrifice themselves for others, and that's why Yokoyama is considered as next Captain. They are the essential for team.

Yokoyama Yui 22:21 10/5

I appeared in today's live broadcasting of Music Station!

And I curled Sayanee's hair a little bit☆

Kotani Riho 22:28 10/5

Yoko-chan! I'm jealous! Please curl my hair too(~_~)


I'm actually paying close attention to the three, Sayanee, Yuihan and Paruru.

Yuihan and Paruru are also very close to each other, but I'm not sure about Paruru and Sayanee.

By the way, Paruru again looks so sleepy in this photo lol


Though image itself is very small, I saw this hairstyle of Paruru for the first time….!

※Collaboration event with GREE. Which hamburger do you want to eat!! ` AKB48 Cafe and Shops

I remember back when this year's request hour, Paruru had a similar hairstyle.
And… she attached photos to Mobame where she had a smilar hairstyle around this May.

It brought to me the biggest impact after Ultra no Mama.

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Uhmmm she looks so cute. I want to see in bigger pictures….


【Current Ranking】

1. Oshima Yuko – ゲロゲロール♪ 45,051 aura
2. Ohya Shizuka – 伝説☆しーちゃ☆ 35889
3. Itano Tomomi – 行ってみヨーカドー チーム 35473
4. Masuda Yuka – Drothy 31901
5. Takahashi Minami – チーム秘密の館 30627
6. Watanabe Mayu – (ファティマまゆゆ)(*´∀`)♪ 30624
7. Shinoda Mariko – †麻里子様と7人の奴隷† 30551
8. Kitahara Ria – ∈(° ◎° )∋ 29600
9. Kashiwagi Yuki – ゆきりんのために頑張り隊♪ 28419
10. Kasai Tomomi – クリームブリゥレ 28157

【Limited edition cards】

【Last time】



  1. iron denim says:

    ohya 2nd? wtf

  2. AWWW YEAH, Dorothy Yuka on #4 8DDDD

  3. SHAZAM says:

    What’s the magazine with Yui and Sayanee?

  4. Paru says:

    Ultra no mama win!