AKB48 30th single “So Long!” sold 817,530 copies at the release day

  February 20, 2013

Oricon announced the daily single sales ranking of February 20th, and it turned out AKB48’s single “So Long” won the 1st spot as expected.

When you run through the history, you’ll learn this seemingly incredible number is actually a kind of grim.

AKB48 reached it’s peak in terms of record sales with last year’s pre-election single “Manatsu no Sounds Good!” which sold 1.17 million copies on the release day. The sales figure has continued decreasing since the single.

The 30th Single “So Long” sold 817,530 copies at the release day.

15% down from last year’s spring song “Give Me Five!” which sold 966,529 copies at the release day.


The single comes in 6types (3: First Edition, 3: Normal edition, each has 3 types, Type A, K and B).

Type A contains Team A’s song “Ruby”,

Type K, Team K’s song “Yu’hi Marie” (Sunset Marie)

Video: Ruby by Team A

Video: Yuhi Mary by Team K

Type B, Team B’s song “Sokode Inu no Unchi Funjaukane?” (Why the heck did you step in dog poo there?)

Video: “Sokode Inu no Unchi Funjaukane?” by team B

All types contains “Waiting Room” by Under Girls, too.

video: Waiting Room by Under Girls

According to Charaani (the website that sells Theater Version of AKB48’s single exclusively), every member dropped their sales of handshake tickets except few incredibly popular members like Oshima Yuko or Watanabe Miyuki.

In fact, while almost all top members have continued to decrease, Watanabe Miyuki increased handshake tickets sales a lot.

Not to offend anyone, but please! This is no fault of blame Shimazaki Haruka, Watanabe Mayu and Matsui Jurina, the center trio for the song.

So many things have happened since Acchan’s graduation…..

Anyways, next single contains Election Tickets baby!!