Kojima Haruna’s new TV commercial for Peach John, “Dress falls off”

  February 19, 2013

15sec version, 30sec version, making footage, Spin-off version

As she got off of a limousine and walking the red carpet, her dress fell down and she was left only with bra and panty in front to loads of people!!!

But it’s no problem! Because it’s Peach John!!!

“I don’t care (Wink!)”

Aki Takajo @JKT48 and Maeda Atsuko expressed their admiration for Kojiharu’s beauty!

Kojima Haruna @kojiharunyan 2/20 0:08

Good news, everyone! I became a new Muse for PEACH JOHN♪ To commemorate it, the brand launches TV commercial whose story relates to the cover of this catalog!

Maeda Atsuko @Atsuko_100 2/20 0:12

Kojima Haruna 2/20 0:17

Takajo Aki @AkiTakajoJKT48 2/20 0:19

You’re so cute~(^ ^)
Kojima Haruna 2/20 0:37

I found you~(^^)