Happy Birthday Mariko-sama! AKB48 Shinoda Mariko’s 27th Birthday

  March 11, 2013

AKB48 Shinoda Mariko also known as Mariko-sama turned 27 on March 11.

In a blog post titled “Arigato”, Mariko-sama revealed that AKB48 members including Kojima Haruna, Itano Tomomi and Takahashi Minami held her 27th birthday party after AKB48’s handshake event on March 10th.

Dozens of fans tweeted to Mariko-sama to celebrate her 27th birthday.

Mariko-sama responded to the fans, with the tweet which says “Everyone, thank you so much for nice wordso(`ω´ )o Way lots of comments made me get pumped up LOL”

Mariko-sama was born on March 11th, the day Magnitude 8.9 earthquake hit Japan in 2011 and took lives of over 15,000 people.

She tweeted that she and AKB48 have learned a lot through interaction with people in disaster hit area and will continue restruction assistance.

Nakagawa Haruka: Marichan! I love you!!

Team A memebrs gathered to celebrate Nakayan’s graduation and Mariko’s birthday.

Plastic lips!?!?

Shinoda Mariko: I had Sayaka blow the candles for me so that I won’t get older. LOL It’s an exorcism. LOL

On March 8th, Shinoda Mariko was at photoshooting session for fashion magazine RyuRyu.

At the session, staffs gifted her these cute birthday cakes!

They are made by cake shop “TiSUUE” at Shimokitazawa, Tokyo.

This is the cake shop TiSUUE.

Wait, I think I know this place?

That’s right. This is the shop where Cindy (Urano Kazumi) made a cake in the TV show on cable channel Music On.

source: TiSSUE

Iwata Karen 3/11 11:36

Good morning^^

The sky is so blue.


Thank you so much for always caring about usm(_)m

You’re always our hero and role model!

She is extraordinary kind and gentle.

I love her so much(^ω^)

I tried the best of my abilities to draw portrait of her.

Please forgive me that her eyes look weird….(´;ω;`)


Kotani Riho 3/11 23:02

Hi this is Ripopo!

Although it took a while to decide to do this, but I figured I gotta say what I really want to say before the date will change.

Shinoda captain Happy birthday.

Shinoda captain is a woman who people truly respect.

I want to be like a wonderful and sophisticated woman like Shino captain!

I want to be more friendly with her, and talk about lots of things!!

I love Shinoda captain!!



Shnoda Mariko: Two years have passed since the East Japan great earthquake. 

 Today We visited Rikuzen-Takata city where we visited in November, 2011. 

Support structure has been built for the miraculous Ipponmatsu, that we saw last time.

This time, members are divided into teams and visit different places.

Our team consists of tall members, Akimoto Sayaka, Maeda Ami, Iriyama Anna, Abe Maria and Nonaka Misato.

We went to see the monument made by local children!! And offer flower wreath and silent prayers. 

We received Rikuzen-Takata city Can Batch.

I’m truly grateful to everyone for inviting us on this important day!!

The 6 of us performed songs…. trying to deliver energy, smile and my heartfelt feeling.

We could spend a good time. Thank you so much.

We bought toys and indigenous products as souvenir at a temporarily built store.

We joined with another team and enjoyed Morioka Reimen (Morioka Cold Noodle).

And I was celebrated my birthday as well.

Through monthly visit to the affected area, I experienced a lot of things.

And I was taught lots of important things.

What we can do for someone is, even though it matters little, to keep visiting to the affected area, stay close to the people, and continue restoration assistance together.

I took photos that cheer you up.

Saya Ami

On our way back, I got birthday gifts from An’nin and Maria!

Gift from An’nin is…. homemade sweets made by her!!

Of course, I had Sayaka blow off candles.

Since I promised that we will definitely come to meet them, we will.  Definitely.

Thank you so much for today!

And, thank you for giving birth to me!

source: Shinoda Mariko blog

Mariko-sama, Happy 19th Birthday!!!!!