Maeda Atsuko’s fail at ribbon cutting ceremony at Chloe’s 60th anniversary [3 topics]

  April 18, 2013

1. SKE48 Kizaki Yuria’s message to graduating Ogiso Shiori: “Our bond will never end”

2. Maeda Atsuko’s fail at ribbon cutting ceremony at Chloe’s 60th anniversary.

3. SNH48’s Mayuyu look alike failed to pass Selection Screening

Yesterday’s SKE48 theater was the performance by team K2, the last theater performance of Ogiso Shiori and Akaeda Ririna.

In the show they had a beautiful performance of “Temodemo no Namida” performed the pair, and at teh end, when members were making final greeting to fans, Kizaki Yuria made a surprise appearance  and read a letter to her same generation peer and best friend, Ogiso Shiori.



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Kizaki Yuria on Google Plus:

I congratulate you on your graduation, Ogi-chan (Ogiso Shiori)

If it were not for you, I was not able to push myself this hard.

The fact the there is a person I cherish so much on this earth makes me feel so happy.

Thank you thank you thank you for being in this world.

I sleep today, appreciating lots of lots of memories we made together.

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Kizaki Yuria on Ameba Blog:

OgiYuri’s bond will never disappear!Hi there, it’s me, Kizaki Yuria.
I went to watch team K2’s performance today(・∀・) The graduation performance of Ogi-chan and Ririna-san….Both were so beautiful today!Ririna-san’s innocent smile and calming way of talking made me feel so peaceful.Just looking at her makes you be in love with her. She is so lovely and kind. Though we were in different teams, she has been a wonderful senior to me. Lots of wonderful things are waiting for you after the graduation! Please live your life to the fullest!
One last time, let me say this.
Congratulation on your graduation!

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And my sweet Ogi. Congratulation on your graduation, as well. This is the very first theater performance of Ogi-chan that I’ve ever watched in person, and is going to the last one, too.We’ve exchanged letters a lot, but it’s the first time for me to read it aloud in front of people, thus it made mea little nervous.After I joined SKE48, before knew it, Ogi-chan, you’ve been just so naturally my side.Because I had you, always sharing all the joy, pain,happiness and frustration with me, I could keep going up until now.From now, you’re no longer by my side,but the space next to me is and will be always for you. It’s a special seat exclusively for you!LOL


You and the fact I could meet you in my life is the treasure of my life.It is a privilege that I could spend 3 and a half year of my life with you in SKE48.OgiYuri’s bond will never disappear!I love Blackhall No.1!!
We’ve promised to travel in Kyoto, Hawaii and many other places together when we can take holidays to coincide with each other!
I’m totally looking forward to it!!!


When we carry out the travel plans, I promise you that I will inform you of it!

I want to thank all of you for having kindly supported us up til now.

That’s all for today!

Hope you can sleep in peace!

Good night, peace!

Good morning, peace!

Yuria (・∀・>) Peace


Lovely gifs of Ogiso Yuria combi made by love fans:



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Ogiso Shiori on Ameba Blog:

Even after I left SKE48, things (emotional assets that have been build up in people’s hearts over time) will just continue as it used to do.

And though someday they will sure disappear, they will remain intact in my heart forever.

Thus, I may be going to look back those memories time to time, I will never come back to the place where I used to be.

And I hope the same goes to true to you.
If we can share the same perspective, nothing would make me happier.

Thank you for loving SKE48 and please continue to do so!!


Ogiso Shiori on SKE48 official blog:

The last day of me as SKE48  finished. 

I will never forget today’s team K2’s theater performance. 

Those days I spent together with you, the days of my youth, will be preserved in time and my older self will look back and cherish them.

It is great if memories of our days will also remain in your hearts.

Thank you so much for having visited this blog up till today!

Everybody! Don’t feel down! Keep going on (*бvб*)! !

This was from Ogiso Shiori of SKE48 team K2.



Good bye Ogichan….

Good bye and thank you for all the sweet memories!!



Photo: OgiYuri photographed by team K2’s leader Takayanagi Akane