4 topics: Maeda Atsuko looks the best she’s looked since 2010!!

  March 5, 2013

Say Oshima Yuko, Sashihara Rino, Kojima Haruna and Shinoda Mariko, we all know top members of AKB48 are living insanely busy life and it’s par for the course for them to have no holiday for months. Besides, they are always under enormous pressure from haters as well as ill mannered or know-it-all fans.

Ladies and gentlemen! Acchan looks the best today!!!!!

Acchan: For now, I would like to enjoy long hair.

She made everyone’s hearts, she looks absolutely beautiful that gives you chills!

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Does time machine exit!?!?!?

Hell no, she looks even more gorgeous than in 2010!

Togasaki: When I visited the theater, I happened to find Kasai, who I haven’t met for a long time!!

Hat off to your hard work!!

source: Togasaki Tomonobu G+

Is it only me that is reminded of Kabukicho Sisters….?

Graduation…… after a few months, we will be never able to see her at the theater again…..

Today she joined team A’s theater performance.

Yokoyama Yui: Teppen Tottande!

Thank you so much! Because of your support, the album won Oricon Weekly Chart!

Thanks to your favor!

Sashiko texted me that she saw a promotion truck for Teppen Tottande!

So I sent a cute photo of my cat, Bis, to Sashiko as a sign of gratitude.

“Ehhh!! It is lovely. But me too!”

With this text, she sent me this picture.

Sashiko! You don’t look like Bis at all!!

Sashihara Rino: By the way I took this photo in the Shibuya. I had to do that secretly so that nobody noticed me doing this stupid stuff.

I took the risk to photograph this photo all for my beloved Yui!

source: Yokoyama Yui and Sashihara Rino g+

Definitely she has the best derp face in AKB48!

Yet, she is insanely adorable!

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Hey Ricchan! Why your dance move is so unique…… or can I call it dance???? LOL

I’m sure everyone feel fortunate to see Ricchan’s unique presence!!