Acchan’s Insanely Powerful Gaze In 2010

  May 20, 2012
2011 was the year Acchan determined to graduate AKB48. But it’s also the year Acchan was shining on a stage like a true Goddess.
But when you look back Acchan in 2010, she was by far lively and handsome compared to 2011, when she had gradually lost her vigor and suffered unprecedented amount of bashing.

When we talk about “aura of idol”, who embodies it the best in AKB48 is Acchan. Her aura can be seen in the intro of Flying Get where she stands up surrounded by other members. 

No one knows why Acchan has chosen for a center of AKB48 in the first place. It’s maybe Mayumi Natsu or AkiP’s keen eyes but of course this is something can’t be logically explained.

If what we expect from the next center of AKB48, this level of aura, which instantly gives us a goosebumps, then…. it’s hard to imagine a girl who will be named a center after Acchan would not be disappointing if she was a girl who we already knew.

In 2010, when she was 18 to 19 y/o, Acchan was…. maybe it’s her youth that made her eyes look more sharp rather than feminine as she is now….  Her eyes were full of boldness and confidence as she was leading the group’s rapid break through to the stardom and receiving all the fame and bashing on the behalf of all the rest members.
 Look back I think most of the reason she had been a target for crazy amount of bashing were that people took her attitude as a sing of her conceit or ego.
She looks even philosophical in some recent photos.
Enthusiastic Acchan fans, who has followed her over these years say that her face without make-up hasn’t changed at all, means what has changed is her make-up and hair-style. But it’s difficult to buy their words if we hadn’t so closely watched her. At least for me, she… or her eyes used to look very different.

This is AKB (T△T) !!!  (2011)
This medium length hair is in 2011

Present Acchan look so mild…

How she looks different after only 1 year may explain the reason why now her fans are welcoming her graduation and wish she will give us her old strong and stunning gaze…. (Recent Acchan is also looking so much lovely after SSA in March….)