JKT48 5th Single announced & will hold Sousenkyo for 6th single, 3rd Gen finalists revealed (and many more)

  February 18, 2014

Nakagawa Haruka's new Pocari Sweat CM

Team J Nakagawa Haruka is starring on a new Pocari Sweat CM, this is second from three-series CM that featured JKT48 members.

The first part of the three featured Team KIII’s Jennifer Hanna

Nishimura Aika subs for Sayanee at Yume no Dead Body

Remember Esthar’s article about NMB48 looking for guitarist for subbing Yamamamoto Sayaka a.k.a Sayanee‘s Yume no Dead Body? its seems that the search is still on going and for 13th February N3 stage (and probably the upcoming stages), Nishimura Aika acted as a substitute for her.