Which member will announce her graduation during 2014 AKB48 Tokyo Dome Concerts?

  August 16, 2014
  • As I tweeted earlier, this year’s AKB48’s Tokyo Dome Concert is titled “No, D — Don’t Do it, Don’t Announce Your Graduation!”.

    Which naturally leads fans to speculate not just WHO are going to annonunce their graduation but HOW they will announce that, and, for that matter, HOW they will graduate. By implying that graduation is sure coming they intentionally raised the bar on fans’ expectation, so we can say with certainty, they’re preparing something that is really terrifying that needlessly brings horror to the fandom, screwing all of us, so brace yourself.

    But still, no matter what kind of rediculous things will unfold, this Tokyo-Dome concert is largely going to be about graduation, and anything alse will be fundamentally centered on whoever’s graduating.

    Today, one Japanese site published an article that lists some of familiar names that are likely going to set off on new jorneys, and there’s no reason for us not to take a look at this list.

  • Kojima Haruna
  • You call it trolling, fine. But I call it professionalism
  • As you may remember, Kojima Haruna faked her graduation during her election speech in June.

    Her reasoning was that she didn’t want address her graduation in a normal manner. As a superstar member, as a role model to all young generation members who joined this group dreaming to make it big in this business, she perfectly understands the importance of making every chance count.

    Two monthes since the election, has she finished her homework, and is ready to make her graduation a dazzling entertainment experience?

  • Kashiwagi Yuki
  • Kashiwagi is arguably the most successful idol singer of all current AKB48 members
  • Ask AKB48 fans to name one AKB48 member who so afar have the most thriving career as a singer, and many say it’s not even a question.

    Solo concert at Yokohama Arena that gathered around 10,000 fans, reaching 2nd in weekly Oricon chart for 2 consecutive singles. And the fact that unlike Itano Tomomi, Maeda Akiko or Takahashi Minami, she’s a singer whose appeal is to more conservertive idol fans, and these fans are very loyal.

    Like Sashihara Rino, she grew up listening to Hello Project bands. She was a die-hard idol fan, – hello project wota to be precise – Jpop idol genre is in her blood.

    Being an AKB48, and thus being an idol in Jpop scene, is for her a dream coming true, so, unless she’s willing to take risk before it’s too late, don’t expect she’ll walk off anytime soon.

  • Kashiwagi Yuki gathered the largest audience as a solo singer from AKB48
  • Takahashi Minami
  • If she will walk off, somebody needs to take torch from her, and that won’t necessarily be one girl
  • There’s mainstream idol band, there’s underground idol band, and there’s idol band headed by Takahashi Minami.

    Words can’t describe what the 23-year-old means to this idol organization. She’s a spiritual pillar, heart and sou of the group. She’s been THE WOMAN of this massively successful group.

    Sashihara also led once doomed HKT48 to become one of the nation’s most recognized idol group, but that hardly puts her on equal equal footing with Takamina as a leader.

    And yet, despite all the success and fame she earned as a leader of entire AKB48 franchise, she’s still and has ever been an aspiring singer. And, realistically speaking, she needs to step down from the helm in order to focus on singing and give herself the best chance to success as a singer.

    A while ago, Akimoto Yasushi told Takahashi Minami (and Oshima Yuko) that they could graduate once they discovered their successors, and there’re two girls that Takamina mentioned as her successors for many times.

  • Yokoyama Yui
  • Yamamoto Sayaka went well beyond 10th place in this year’s election
  • In this year’s election, those girls, Yokoyama Yui and Yamamoto Sayaka, both 21, ranked 13th and 6th respectively.

    Yokoyama, current captain of Team K, has been seen as a leader of next generations for much of her career. No one doesn’t even begin to rival her potential as a leader.

    Yamamoto Sayaka is exteremely talented, both as a performer and a leader. She’s been a face of NMB48 franchise, and in “Center Position” in every single from the group.

    The two bonded together during Yokoyama’s concurrency period, they discussed on the gruop’s and their own futures. And, later, this friendship has become a song.

  • In one sense, Takahashi Minami is a sefty blanket. She takes heat for scandals, moral degradation, failures and successes. Whether it’s appropriate to puts blame on her, nobody matches the influence of her on the 48G girls.

    But now, with the new wave of leadership is taking off, it’s about time for these two girls to prove that they’re ready to take torch from the incumbent leader.

  • Update:

    On the August 16th broadcast of “Sawako no Asa”, Takahashi Minami mentioned a possible timing of her graduation.

    She commented “I don’t want to walk off with a feeling of dislike towards AKB48. I would like to graduate when I love AKB48 the most.” Then a host commented “Is now?” Takahashi responded, “Yes, in one sense, I can say now is the right time. It’s true I really like this group right now. I love AKB48, and as a Soukantoku of AKB48 Group, I’m going to need to do something for this group.”