Tano Yuka’s Awesomeness Heats Up The Summer!

  August 15, 2014
  • Red Alert! Nakamura Mariko’s twitter compromised! Hacked by Tano-chan and Ryoka-chan!
  • Ow, Mariko-san just farted!

    Uh Oh! It stinks as hell!

  • Team KSGK!
  • Holy moly, I can’t believe she even burped!

    She is an idol but burps!

  • I look cuter next to Mariko-san!

    She is mmumbling (hard to understand with something in her mouth!)

  • Let me ask Mariko-san what her dream job!

    Oh she said she wants to pursue a career in acting!


    I thought she wanted to become a comedian….

    But that’s OK!

    From Ryoka

  • Mariko-san is so noisy! She just randomly starts singing or impersonating!

    And that’s Mariko-san whom I love so much (^▽^) (’cause I guess I should be nice here, HA!!)

    From your dear little Tano Yuka

  • If only everyone gets creative like these girls when taking selfies!
  • I think I just found the cutest picture of Tanochan
  • Iwata Karen:

    We had a ton of free time during rehearsal today*, so Yuka and I sneaked out to have a date!

    You know why? That’s ’cause she loves me so much.

    The date was fun, but Yuka was singing “Youkai Taiso Daiichi” from “Youkai Watch” loudly the whole time while we were on the date, so it was a kinda embarassing too!

    Everyone was staring at us.

    When she finds something looks yummy or cute, she shouts LOL

    That’s it. We see her get realllly excited countless times on Bingo, or on other occasions.

    *for Tokyo Dome concerts (Aug 18-20, 2014)

    Source: https://plus.google.com/104469157599705660710/posts/X81TFsjcZED

  • If you never heard of “Yokai Watch”, it’s a video game anime and currently No.1 most popular show for kids.

    Here’s “Youkai Taiso Daiichi” from “Youkai Watch”, it’s a parody of traditional Radio calisthenics

  • The Video Game Anime That’s Taking Japan by Storm

    Source: The Video Game Anime That’s Taking Japan by Storm | Kotaku

    This week, I spent four mornings out and about. I went to store after store. My mission was to locate toys from a popular anime. And boy, did I ever fail.

  • And this…
  • Jesus, world should love you so much, Tano-chan!!