TanoTomu: AKB48 Team A Tano Yuka’s 16th Birthday Celebration at Akihabara AKB48 theater

  March 9, 2013

Yesterday’s theater performance at AKB48 theater was team A Tano Yuka’s birthday celebration festival!

Togasaki: Happy your 16th birthday!

Tano can’t stay away from the lobby,

because she is so looking forward to seeing what the flower stand gift for her will be like!

She is so cute, isn’t she?

Cute? Did you just ask if she is cute?


Togasaki: We will play “Oshi Camera” footage on monitors at the lobby for her Birthday Celebration performance.

Oshi-Camera: The video footage of the camera that exclusively follows one particular member.

For this year’s birthday, Muto Tomu wrote a letter to Tanochan!

The letter is read by Iwata Karen. (Karen also acted as MC for the Tanochan’s birthday party)

Letter from Muto Tomu:

Dear Yuka.


Happy 16th birthday!

We met for the first time about 2 years ago.

It was during the audition, and because you were so tiny, I thought you were an elementary school kid at first LOL

At first, we weren’t close to each other at all.

But before we knew it, we’ve come to spend time together a lot.

Although you’re already capable in dancing and singing when we joined AKB48,

You always practice a lot at the studio, and that has been impressed me so much.

When I asked “Will you stay at my home tonight?”

You turned me down at least for 3 times so far, saying you need to practice songs for tomorrow’s stage.

I wonder if you have no intention to come to my home LOL

But I truly respect your attitude that you never spare effort to attain higher level.

The last year’s election was surprising, wasn’t it?

We would never imagine that we win our spots.

So I was kinda moved, but when I saw you in the monitor, you looked somehow angry….?

That made me have a good laugh.

Come to think of it, we haven’t had enough time to talk to each other lately.

I wonder if you are worried about things all alone?

Though it may seem that I don’t care that much, actually I care about you LOL

You are a free-spirited girl, you hate to lose, you’re like a little kid.

But once you’re on stage, you’re amazing more than anyone.

And everyone loves you.

So I truly hope you will continue striving to your dream in a way you think the best.

And if time gets though, you can always lean on me.

Let’s get through all the things we will come across together.

And, let’s hang out together and have fun sometime soon.

Everyone, please keep your continuing support for Tano Yuka, as well as for TanoTomu!!!

Muto Tomu

Muto Tomu: Today, it’s Yuka’s bitrhday party~★

So I ended up writing a letter for her\(^^)/ 

You know I couldn’t really say NO when she herself, fans and managers, all of them asked me~( ̄▽ ̄)笑 

Probably the show is about to finish?

It can say it’s a big success if she is moved to tears when the letter is read.

Tomu: Looks like it was a success( ̄▽ ̄)☆ 

Oh why even Karen is crying LOL

Oshima Ryoka: Yeah, they were crying, and incidentally I was almost crying, too.

TanoTomu is the best~~~~!!!!!!

Tomu: LOL Even Ryoka? Thank you ( ̄▽ ̄) 

Izurina: Tanochan was srying! LOL

Tomu: But I said to Yuka, that I won’t write a letter, so at first, Yuka thought it’s a letter from Karen LOL

Tomu: Izurina-san! That is great(^^)♪ 

At the end of the high touch session (Members are not allowed to join High Tough session of evening performance if they’re under 16 YO), Tanochan was overcome emotion and couldn’t hold back tears.

Several fans reported seeing her moved to tears made them cry as well.

Iwata Karen: Yuka’s birthday festival is over!

It was so fun~♪

Today was a blast~!!

I felt like I exceeded the limit←

Because it’s the birthday ceremony for my beloved Yuka, the peer 12th generation member, I got so psyched up★ LOL

Oh, you know, Letter from Tomu….. that was so stirring….(´;ω;`) 

The bond of 12th generations!!

That’s it!!

Let’s meet up and hang out together sometime soonー( ´ ▽ ` )♪ 

Yuka! Happy birthday!

Takahashi Juri: Yuka~~~ Happy Birthday~~~!!

Your dazzling smile!

Hope we will be close friends 4evaく(゜▽°)/ 


Oshima Ryoka: Tanochan’s bitrhday party is over, guys(゚∀゚)!


I thought I would be a facilitator of the party for her,

so I was trying to figure out at which moment I should say “Wait a bit, guys~~! ” to tell everyone her birthday celebration festival will start.

I was so nervous.

I was so nervous when I went to the theater today,

only to find that it was not me( ゚д゚) 

Please let me do the role next year.

I love Tano-Family!!

Oh by the way, I’m a part of Tano-Family!

Nito Moeno: Today’s performance is over!

It was Birthday Celebration festival for Tanochan♥ Happy birthday!

We took a photo together, but don’t you think it cruelly shows the age difference between us?? LOL

DMM: Bond of TanoTomu made Tanochan cry so hard! And that made Karen moved to tears, too? Tano Yuka’s 16th birthday party 

Matsui Sakiko (Shisho): Tanochan Happy Birthday 🙂

Tanochan, though you’re my junior, I honestly respect you!

May the 16th year of your life is going to be great!

Nito Mono: Today was Tanochan’s birthday party~~~~!!

Tanochan Happy Birthday★★★

Back when I was 16, my performance skill didn’t stack up to today’s Tanochan.

I truly think you’re great!

Nakatsuka Tomomi:  Today was Tanochan’s birthday party♥ Happy Birthday(゜∀゜)

Tanochan’s performance is awesome!

Actually I’ve put my eyes on you since back when you were KKS LOL

Outwardly you look matured, but you’re crybaby, you’re noisy LOL

That gap makes you even more lovely. You’re so cute.

I guess you’ll become more matured as time goes by, and I’m really looking forward to it.

I love when you sit down during the song performance of “First Rabbit”. That smile makes my heart melt.

Tanochan. My heartiest Happy Happy Birthday! 

Kasai Tomomi:  Today was Tanochan’s birthday party♥ Happy Birthday(^o^)ノ

I love Tanochan’s dance♥

Happy 16th birthday♥

Iriyama Anna: Today was Tanochan’s birthday party!

May the 16th year of her life is going to be wonderful one!

 I love you~♥♥ And I respect you!!

Nagao Mariya: (skip)

Jurina-san! and Tano!

Happy birthday!

I sent this photo to Tano( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 


Kawaei Rina: Yuka! Happy birthday♪♪

Izuta Rina: And today was…. Tanochan’s birthday Party♪♪♪♪♪

Tanochan! Happy birthday!!

I handed a birthday gift to her, and I’m so happy that she was pleased with it!

Tanochan, hope we will be friendly together from now on too!

Tano Yuka: Thank you so much for holding the birthday party!!

It was so fun, and touching. I’m such a lucky person!

I felt really happy♥

That must be a lot of work to prepare all those stuffs.

Thank you so much everyone.

I came home, and now unpacking birthday gifts from you(((((└(:D」┌)┘)))))))

Thank you.

I will read dozens of letters later, too(((((└(:D」┌)┘))))))) 

They are really a lot of them. Thank you so much!

Yuka: I couldn’t hold back tears during the high touch session. I’m sorry for making you worried. I’m fine!

Yuka: But that tells how happy I am.

Yuka: Was I able to repay your support with my performance today?

Ryoka: Did you check out a gift from Tomu-san?

Yuka: I saw it! Yeah! I got a birthday gift from Tomu!

This is so exhilarating(^O^) LOL

Yuka: It’s (a toy Panda) as high as me(*°∀°)=3 

Yuka: It’s a toy Panda(((((└(:D」┌)┘))))))) 

Yuka: I’m loved so much!!! I’m fortunate. I’m such a fortunate girl!

Yuka: I checked out all gifts from you~~!! Thank you! I will go through letters next!

And I will practice, then take a bath and go to bed!

Yuka: I feel so happy that I’m gonna vomit! Nope. Hold back…

Saruoba: (skip)

Not only juniors but I hear your seniors also saying “Tanochan’s dance performance is amazing!”

Can I ask you what are you particularly conscious about when it comes to performance?

Tano’s answer:“Standing on the stage at my best condition.”

Saruoba: It’s a well known fact that she always rehearsal the whole setlist on the previous day of theater performance(^_^)b  called “One-Man Show”.

If something, even a little detail, bugs her, or if she finds something she is vague about, she will try to improve it by watching DVD or practicing on the stage, even if it’s shortly before the show.

She herself is confident of her dancing skill, and she has bigger presence on the stage than her actual physical size\(^o^)/

Tano: “Certainly I think I love dancing and I’m confident of it.

But standing on the stage with uneasy feeling is something that makes me uneasy.

Just practice until I can convince myself that it’s going to be perfect.

Then, what’s left to do is only having fun!” 

Saruoba: Yeah! That convinced me, too! (^0^))☆☆((^Q^)v 

Tano Yuka: I can’t sleep for a while (coz I have a lot to do) (∵`)

But everyone, please rest! Good night!

This is the Panda Tomu gifted me! She is as high as me~ LOL


Tano Yuka (2:19 am): Finally I can hit the sack!

Members of Birthday Party committee, everyone who came to theater today, who watched LOD, I’m grateful to all of you!

Tano Yuka: Mornin’ everyone!

When I woke up this morning, I found my mom neatly arranged all gifts that I left in a living room last night LOL

Tomorrow, we can meet at Handshake event~(((((└(:D」┌)┘)))))))