Mariko Shinoda Reached One One Million Twitter Followers!!

  March 31, 2012

Today is…. the special day for Mariko Shinoda fans a.k.a Marikoholic. Because…

She got One Millionth Twitter Follower today!!!

“One millionth follower~~~
Just happened to start twitter 2 yeas ago, I’ve never imagined such day would come!!”

“Today we had a free time after morning rehearsal, so  I went shopping with Atsuko, Minami (Takamina), Nyaro (Kojiharu), and Miichan (Minami Minegishi).”

*They couldn’t go actual stores for shopping since they are too popular. Instead they went an exhibition of fashion brands.

“I love this Nenetto~~ (= brand’s name)”

Everyone chose their items to buy.

“And I chose…”

“This shoes :D”

“We went lunch together..”

“Everyone was like ‘Yammy~~~ I’m happy~~~’.”
“Then, we’re back to practice. Again and again before the performance.”
“We are ready!!”
“IKEMEN Sae chan!!” (Sae Miyazawa)
“Funny Sae chan!”
“Before the show, we check our costume each other.”
“Yuppi fixed Paruru’s ribbon tie~~.” (Yuppi = Yuko Oshima, Paruru = Haruka Shimazaki)
“And Mi-chan is…”
“What?? You got the sign of Yomiuri Giant’s Head Coach?”
“It’s time!!”
“I got tense… but it was fun, too!!”
“We got our Giants’ uniform!!!”
“With our names on it~~~”
“Yukirin couldn’t get in this photo~~~ (because those two girls pushed out her lol)”
(Yukirin = Yuki Kashiwagi)
“Triple W~~~~”
“Sae-Poyo~~”  (= Sae Miyazawa)
“The last photo may make Double Minami fans jealous…”
(Double Minami = Takamina, Mnami Minegishi)

“Mr.Kitagawa, but recently we call him Ponkotsu  (= crap).”

*Kitawaga is an employee of AkiP’s office. AkiP often mentions him in his google+ page.

Source: Mariko Shinoda Blog