Long Version of Cupnoodle x Atsuko Maeda ‘Confession’ (Web-Exclusive)

  April 18, 2012

Nisshin uploaded the last of it’s 3 versions of commercial of Acchan today on their G+ and Youtube page.
Uploaded today is titled “Confession“. In the commercial she clearly stated that she had been talking to Takamina on her graduation since a long time before. “Next single, which on sale in May, will be the last music video of AKB48 I appear. During the filming of MV, I stayed in the same hotel room with Takamina. I requested it. I was going to talk to her but just when I was thinking of it, Takamina talked to me. I told her that I will announce my graduation on 25th at Saitama. The concert started with Gondora, and we announced our first Tokyo Dome concert, which made me almost cry.” “When I finished the speech, it looked like members were crying, fans were crying so much as well. It made me feel so happy rather than feel sad.” Eating Cupnoodle…
I didn’t expect such a heartbreaking confession, but we need to be though and overcome this one… Don’t forget Like the video if you like it  😉
カップヌードル – 4/16 20:34
Cupnoodle’s new commercial series “Real” 
This is our last commercial of Atsuko Maeda san
Which version do you like the best?

We will deliver long versions of “Real – Rino Sashihara” next week (23th Apr~)